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Winter Japan Cultural Camp 2023 | Fully Funded


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The Winter Japan Cultural Camp 2023 is the perfect opportunity to experience how Japan’s culture can inspire you. The camp program offers in-depth education on Japanese culture, history and current events. All activities will be led by cultural experts who have lived/worked in Japan and hold a Master’s Degree or higher.Every year, more than 1,300 Japanese high school students from across the country are taking part in Winter Japan Cultural Camp 2023. They are coming to study, gain knowledge and experience, and make new friends in their host schools.

About Japan Cultural Camp:

The Winter Japan Cultural Camp is a non-profit organization that has been established to help students and their families, who are interested in connecting with other people from around the world.The Winter Japan Cultural Camp will be held at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. The camp will run for five weeks and students can choose to come for one week or all five weeks.

The camp will be organized by a group of volunteers who are passionate about international education and student development. They have worked together with various organizations and institutions since 2003, when they first started organizing the Summer Japan Cultural Camp.The purpose of this program is to give students a chance to experience Japanese culture and learn more about their potential future career opportunities. Students will attend lectures, workshops, and field trips to explore different aspects of Japanese life, including traditional festivals and events, business activities and more.

This year’s Winter Japan Cultural Camp will focus on learning about Japanese culture, language and history through various activities such as visits to local sites such as temples or shrines, performing arts performances, attending classes on Japanese language, traditional crafts such as origami or calligraphy and cooking classes.

Details of Japan Cultural Camp:

Host Country:Japan,Osaka,Kyoto

Host Organization:AYFN

Duration of Camp:3 Weeks

Financial Coverage: Fully-Funded

Benefits of Cultural Camp:

  • Accommodation fee (fixed)
  • Meals, except for lunches and dinner (fixed)
  • Local transportation to and from the accommodation facility to the venue(s) of presentations, workshops and activities (fixed)
  • Other incidental expenses (fixed)
  • Program Supervision
  • In Country administration cost
  • Entry Ticket to Tourist spot
  • A month-long trip to Japan with opportunities to interact with Japanese people and culture
  • A chance to work in an office environment during the day and participate in Japanese activities at night
  • To speak Japanese while having fun with friends from around the world

Eligibility Criteria:

  • All the students who wish to apply for the Winter Japan Cultural Camp must have the following requirements:
  • Able to speak English fluently and well.
  • Able to communicate in Japanese, Chinese or Korean languages.
  • Able to speak a language other than English or Chinese is not an issue. But we expect you to be proficient in it too.
  • Able to stay in a hotel for 2 nights with air-conditioning, refrigerator, kitchen and other basic amenities.
  • At least 15 years old as of December 1st 2020.
  • You must be able to speak and understand basic Japanese language skills such as reading, writing and listening comprehension.
  • You must have a valid passport from your country that will be valid until January 31, 2024 (you can apply for an extension of stay in Japan if you need it).
  • You must bring with you a valid school ID card/letter from any school or university that you are currently studying in or graduated from (it is not required if you already graduated)

Documents Required:

  1. Reservation Form
  2. Fee Payment Form
  3. Medical Form
  4. Criminal Record Check (for applicants who have been convicted of a crime)
  5. Academic, Professional and/or Artistic Qualifications (If applicable)
  6. Recommendation Letter(s) (If applicable)
  7. Nationality: Original passport, 2 photocopies of the first two pages of your passport (valid for one month after the return date)
  8. Student Visa: Original passport with a valid visa that is still valid for more than 30 days
  9. The candidate’s resume or a summary of the candidate’s education and experience.

Activities at Japan Cultural Camp:

Travel and visit Japan with the student’s families;

  1. Learn about Japanese culture, language and history;
  2. Participate in a traditional Japanese cultural event such as Hinamatsuri (Daughter’s Day) and Tanabata Festival;
  3. Study Japanese language through conversation, listening, reading, writing and speaking;
  4. Experience different types of food in Japan including sushi, sashimi and ramen;
  5. Learn how to cook Japanese dishes using local ingredients;
  6. Learn about Japanese traditional costumes including Kimono, Obi (kimono), Kabuki-chouhan (Japanese dance costume), etc.;
  7. Learn about traditional games like shogi (Japanese chess), go (Japanese board game), etc.

How to apply:

The application process for Winter Japan Cultural Camp 2023 is very simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. First of all, you will have to complete your profile on the official website of the camp.
  2. After that, upload your CV or resume and attach it in an application form which is available on the website.
  3. Finally, submit your application form before the deadline
  4. Official Website

If you have questions about the application process or if you need assistance completing your application, please contact us at educationin.eu


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