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Visa of Russia for International Students


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We have been asked multiple times by our readers to write about a Russia Student visa. This article covers all relevant topics about immigration to Russia as a student starting from selection of courses to accommodation. The Russian Federation is home to one of the most prestigious institutions in the world today. With the largest landmass in the world, Russia has long been an incubator of education and culture. National universities, like Moscow State University (MSU) and Saint Petersburg State University (SPBU), are attended by some of the best students in the world. With these realities, Russian universities have grown in prestige among international students. You can learn more about studying in Russia in a separate article that we have written on our blog here

Russia study visa requirements

One who wishes to study in Russia must abide by visa requirements.
1- A valid passport,
2- proof of economic reliability,
3- proof of student status,
4- confirmation of classes,
5- proof of ownership of a place to stay is required for one to obtain a visa on arrival in Russia.
6- The applicant may also need to have an invitation from a Russian institution or a reference from a friend or relative in Russia.

In the unfriendly, competitive market of international education, universities in Russia have been able to maintain their reputation for excellence. Masters and doctoral degree holders, along with some undergraduate students, come to Russia to earn their degrees in some of the finest institutions in the country.

Student Visa of Russia for EU Nationals

This article discusses details about an application for a Russian Student Visa for the students resident in European Union states.

Immigration Russia for Students. This article discusses details about a Russian Student Visa for students resident in European Union states. The Russian Student Visa is an important document that allows citizens of third countries to study in Russia for a period of 3-5 years. After the end of the course, this document allows for another 3 months to search for work in Russia. You can find out more about the types of Russian Student Visa, applying for a Russian Student Visa, and what it takes to qualify for a Russian Student Visa on our website.

Student Visa of Russia for non-EU Nationals

This part of our blog post will focus on non-EU residents who are interested in studying in Russia. The visa application process is a straightforward one, and the applicant will have to provide a number of documents to prove they have a valid reason to be in Russia.

Russia Student Visa requirements for non-EU nationals

Examples of the documents needed are
1- a personal letter from the institution,
2- evidence of financial solvency,
3- a stamped passport,
4- a medical certificate,
5- and a certificate of merit from the Ministry of Education.

In order to qualify, the applicant must have been accepted for a course of study or work experience by a Russian educational institution. The applicant must also prove they have sufficient financial means to cover their living costs.


Most people may not know the steps required to obtain a Russian student visa, so I’ll help to shed some light here. EU nationals do not need a visa to enter the Russian Federation for tourism purposes. However, if you wish to study in Russia for more than 180 days, you must obtain a student visa before you enter the country.

To obtain the student visa, the student and his or her spouse and children must be in possession of a valid passport and a confirmed air ticket showing that they will leave the country before the expiration of the visa. The student must also provide an official confirmation from the university he or she will attend with a letter stating the full name and year of university, the educational level and the full name, address of the university, and of the lecturers of the educational program of study, and of the names and indicators of the educational publications that the foreign student will be able to use.

Documents required for Russian Study Visa

The student must be enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree in the field of economics, management, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, or humanities.

Documents required for Russian Study Visa

The following documents are required for foreign students to submit in order to apply for a student visa for Russia:
– Application form
– 3 color passport-sized photos
– The confirmation from the university
– A valid passport for the duration of the visa
– A confirmed airline ticket for departure
– Payment of the fee
– Completed application form

Process of Russian Study Immigration

Most people who are looking for a student visa for Russia may not know the steps required to obtain one. This article will discuss the requirements and steps to get a Russian student visa. Many international students are looking for a way to come to Russia to attend the most prestigious schools. Moscow is one of the most happening cities after all, with its historic Red Square, beautiful architecture, and so much more. But they might not know how to get a student visa.

1- The most major requirement is to have a document proving that they are a student. This can be a letter of acceptance for study issued by the institution they wish to attend. This letter must show the date of commencement of studies and the course of study to be undertaken. They also need to present a document that proves that they are enrolled. This can be either a certificate of enrolment or an extract of the student register.
2- Another requirement is to prove that they can afford to live in Russia. Students must show evidence of sufficient funds to ensure they can meet their basic needs. This requirement can be fulfilled by presenting bank statements or documents on the availability of funds for the first few months of living in the country.

Russian Immigration for EU Nationals

For people who want to find out about the visa process to go to Russia, the visa process for an EU national is much easier than for a person who is not in the EU and does not have a valid residency in the EU. The visa process is significantly more difficult for people that are not in the EU and want to VISIT Russia.

There are three different types of visas that are available for an EU national who wants to visit Russia.

-The first type of visa is for people that want to visit the country for less than 90 days. They have to have an invitation letter from a Russian individual or organization that they are visiting.

-The second type of visa is for people who want to work in Russia. They have to have a work certificate and a letter from the company they are employed by, which adheres to the country’s labor legislation.

-The third type of visa is for students who want to study in Russia. They need to follow the following steps in order to attain a Russian Study Visa.

How to apply for Russian Study Immigration

How to apply for Russian Study Visa

Do you want to travel to Russia for school? Have you ever thought of what it would be like to get a Russian Study Visa? Well, if you are one of the many people that want to go to Russia for school, then you might be in luck. Here are some steps about how to attain a Russian Study Visa.

1. First of all, you will need to contact the Office of Education Abroad to find out what type of visa is required for your specific situation.

2. You will need to provide them with information about your educational institution, which you will find on the website of the Russian Ministry of Education.
What is your study program?
What is your study plan?

3. Fill out the form and submit it to the Office of Education Abroad. You will need to include your name, sex, date of birth, country, and citizenship in the process.

Studying in Russia as an international student

As an international student in Russia, my experience has been a little different from my native Russian peers, but that has been a wonderful opportunity for me to learn more about a different culture. When I first arrived in Russia, I was a bit nervous because I knew very little Russian and it is a difficult language to learn. However, I soon met many friends which helped me learn the language quicker. I love the textiles and nature here and the culture is so interesting! In addition to being a great opportunity to learn more about a different culture, studying in Russia is also a great chance to have a very strong university education at a fraction of the cost of similar universities in other countries.

We have tried our level best to include all relevant information in this article. We realized the following websites might be of help for you;

Official Website Russia Student Visa

Well, a lot of websites on the internet are pretending to be providing authentic information. It is hard for one to find out the real-official website of Russia for studying immigration. Here is the link to it > Russia Immigration Department

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