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Top 10 Norway Scholarships Without IELTS


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Top 10 Norway scholarships without IELTS. Uncover all scholarship programs at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU. The best scholarships in Norway are available to international students looking to study at NTNU or other colleges in Norway.

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the standardized test for assessing the ability of individuals to undertake college-level learning. It has become a famous English language proficiency test around the world. Students, especially those from Norway, are offered with this scholarship program that helps them in acquiring an education according to their academic potential and financial status.

About Top Norway Scholarships:

The Norwegian government provides a number of scholarships to foreign students. The scholarship programs are open to international students who have been accepted by a Norwegian university or college, and who have applied for their admission.The Norway Scholarship Program (NS) is a national scholarship program that is available to all international students who study at Norwegian universities and institutions.

The NS allows you to cover university costs until December 31st each year, which means that you can stay in Norway as long as you want while studying at a Norwegian University or College.

Helse-Bergen PhD fellowship in Biomedical Sciences at University of Bergen

The Helse-Bergen PhD fellowship in Biomedical Sciences at University of Bergen is a four-year program that is aimed at increasing the number of researchers with a background in bio medicine who can work in Norway.

The goal of this program is to increase the number of scholars who have completed their clinical training, have research experience and have been successful in obtaining PhD degrees. The scholarship covers tuition fees and living expenses during your studies. The scholarship also provides you with a stipend of NOK 20 000 per month for living expenses during your studies.

This fellowship is open to applicants who are citizens or nationals of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Sweden. Candidates must have completed their clinical training after having received a PhD degree from an accredited institution and be nominated by one of the following institutions: University College Hospital (UCH), Haukeland University Hospital, University Medical Center Nord-Norge (UMC) and Sogn og Fjordane University College (SFF). You must also be nominated by at least two professors within one year before you start your fellowship program.

GSST PhD Scholarships in Denmark

The Global Scholarships Trust offers a number of PhD scholarships to students from all over the world. The program is open to students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are currently enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited university.

The program is administered by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must:

  • Be a citizen of a country outside Europe or Scandinavia (excluding Norway)
  • Have completed your bachelor’s degree with a major in Economics within the past three years
  • Be able to attend classes in Denmark for one academic year (one semester), from September 1 – June 30th annually. This includes tuition fees, housing costs and allowance for subsistence. However, you will have access to all resources available from the university. You can even apply for financial support through certain programs offered by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (VU).

PhD Fellowships in Human Rights and Democracy

The Norwegian PhD Fellowships in Human Rights and Democracy are awarded to recent graduates of the University of Oslo. The program is a joint initiative between the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, Birkeland Foundation, Human Rights Service and the University of Oslo.

The aim of the program is to promote research on human rights issues. It offers a grant for a period of one year with living expenses payable upon completion of the PhD degree.To be eligible for the PhD Fellowship in Human Rights and Democracy, you must have completed your master’s degree at an accredited university in Norway or abroad before applying for this program. You must have good knowledge of Norwegian language and history, and have experience working in human rights field. You must also show an ability to work independently with little supervision while pursuing your research project.

The application deadline is December 1st annually; however, it can be extended if more funding becomes available due to an increase or decrease in applications or if you wish to apply earlier than December 1st annually.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Structural Biology at University of Oslo

The University of Oslo invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship in structural biology. The fellowship is for a period of 3 years, starting on 1 January 2019. The applicant must have completed his or her PhD degree by 31 December 2019.

The position is available for an applicant with exceptional promise as a scientist and would contribute to the research in structural biology. Further information about structural biology can be found at http://www.bioinfo.uio.no/eng/research/structural_biology/.

The successful candidate will engage in research at the Department of Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology (MGCB)/Department of Medical Biochemistry (TMB). The fellow will be part of a team that includes researchers from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (TCB), who are working on functional genomics and proteomics to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying human diseases such as cancer and diabetes mellitus. The fellow will work closely with these colleagues to develop methods for analyzing large-scale transcriptomes from different organisms, including humans, to gain insight into gene regulation and disease processes.

PhD Scholarships for International Students at University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is a public university located in Bergen, Norway. The university offers several PhD programs to international students. The program is designed for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and have shown exceptional ability in their research field.

The program can be completed in two years, but students are required to spend another year doing research and writing the dissertation. The program includes courses on ethics, sociology, philosophy, political science and economics as well as courses related to your area of interest.A total number of 20 scholarships are available each year. These are awarded according to academic excellence and research potential.

The application process includes an essay on the topic “What is your vision of the world?” and an interview with one professional who knows you well enough to discuss your intellectual abilities.

Research Position in Digital Health at Gjøvik University College

The Research Position in Digital Health at Gjøvik University College, Norway is open to applicants from all fields of research. The aim of this position is to create a new academic position within the Digital Health area at Gjøvik University College.

The position will be based on the premise that digital health is one of the most important areas in healthcare today and that there is an urgent need to develop new methods for research and teaching in this field. This will be done by establishing a new academic position within the Digital Health area at Gjøvik University College (GU) with a focus on health technology assessment (HTA).

Applicants should have excellent research skills, including experience in using big data analytics, machine learning and statistical modeling; knowledge about data science and computational modeling methods; experience with HTA projects; excellent communication skills; knowledge about computational simulation methods; familiarity with bioinformatics and genomics technologies; or experience leading teams or coordinating activities related to digital health research.

Beitostølen Research Foundation Fellowship Program, Norway

The Beitostølen Research Foundation is a Norwegian non-profit foundation dedicated to research and development in the field of marine biology. The foundation awards scholarships to students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies in marine biology, oceanography or related fields. The awardees receive a stipend of NOK 20,000/year for up to one academic year.

Scholarships are open to all international students who have completed an undergraduate degree (Bachelor’s degree) from an accredited university in Norway or elsewhere that is equivalent to a Norwegian Bachelor’s degree or higher level of education where English is one of the subjects taught at least part time.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium

The Norwegian Cancer Genomics Consortium (NGC) is a consortium of researchers who have combined their expertise to undertake an ambitious project that aims to best understand cancer. The NGC is funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Centre for Population Health Sciences at University of Oslo and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research. The NGC’s goal is to develop new approaches for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. To reach this goal, we will use modern genomics methods to identify novel molecular targets for cancer prevention and therapy based on whole genome sequencing and related analyses. In addition, we will use these methods to study rare genetic variants that contribute to common complex diseases such as cancer. We will also use them to identify new diagnostic tools such as biomarkers so that these tools can be used in clinical practice. We expect that our work will lead to an improved understanding of how genes are involved in cancer development and progression, which will enable us to better target treatment options for patients with cancer.

Teacher Education Scholarship Fund at Volda University College, Norway

The Teacher Education Scholarship Fund at Volda University College, Norway, is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to students who are interested in pursuing a career as a teacher. The scholarship covers the tuition fee and living expenses for students who are enrolled full-time at Volda University College.

Applicants must be citizens or nationals of Norway, Sweden or Finland and must have completed their final year of undergraduate study at a Norwegian university or college. They must also have completed their undergraduate degree with an average mark of at least 70 percent (out of 100 points) for the equivalent bachelor’s degree. (For more information about requirements, visit the website.)

The application deadline is March 31 each year. The application form can be downloaded from the website or obtained from any university office in Norway. Applicants who are selected will receive an offer letter with details on terms and conditions, including how much financial assistance they are eligible to receive.

PhD Scholarships in Computer Science at Aalborg University

Aalborg University is a public university located in Denmark. It is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Europe and offers numerous doctoral programs, including computer science.

Doctoral candidates are required to submit a dissertation proposal that is evaluated by a committee of five faculty members. The committee will decide whether or not the candidate is eligible for admission into the doctoral program and if they can be awarded with a PhD degree.

The application process includes submitting a personal statement and transcript, recommendation letters from professors who have taught you in your undergraduate program, an official transcript from your undergraduate institution and evidence of previous work experience which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to complete their studies successfully.

If you have questions about the application process or if you need assistance completing your application, please contact us at educationin.eu


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