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All about Sweden – Study, Life, and Work


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This topic covers all about Sweden whether is Studying for foreign students, Life, and Work in Sweden. As a country, Sweden is mostly known as a Scandinavian country, but it is one of those few countries which have been independent of the time the countries in the Scandinavian region have been part of an independent country. Coming to a state of independence in 1814, Sweden is a country with a rich history and a great culture.

Sweden is a country with a population of approximately 10 million people and a total area that is slightly larger than that of the United Kingdom. It is a country that is ethnically diverse and has enjoyed a long tradition of cultural coexistence. In addition to this, Sweden has been a country that has been socialistic for many years and this orientation has been present even in the times when the country had been part of the North European Trade Union.

Culture of Sweden

Swedish people have been historically very religious and it has been noteworthy as a force that resisted social changes as a way to maintain power. Swedish society is a very democratic one with a focus on gender equality. In the past decades, one of the most challenging tasks that Sweden was confronted with was that of an emigration effect.

  • Sweden is a country very close to Finland and Norway and it’s famous for having a very modern and open culture. The Swedes live in a society with low crime rates and abundant personal freedoms.
  • The people of Sweden are both hardworking and free-spirited and that’s why they’re often called the “world ‘s best workforce”.
  • Many young people choose to live in Sweden after studying there. It is quite possible to work in Sweden after your studies, but for this, you need to speak Swedish. There are various online tutorials to help you do this.

And if you’re moving there to find work, there are many opportunities in many different industries.

Industries of Sweden

Some notable industries of Sweden:

  • 1- Blogs and social media: Sweden has a high employment rate and provides experience in business and entrepreneurship.
  • 2- Software: Sweden is a technological nation and software engineer is a company is one of the most popular career choices.
  • 3- Service: Sweden needs many different services such as personal assistants

Studying abroad in Sweden

Studying is different than in America because of the grading system and how you pay for your degree. We have detailed all aspects of Study in Sweden in this separate article as well. If you are interested in learning more about study, scholarship and admissions read our article here.

Studying abroad in Sweden is an amazing experience. Studying is different than in America because of the grading system and how you pay for your degree. Sweden has a 7 point grading system and tuition fees. The grading system is different than the 4 point system in the U.S. because the grading system in Sweden is much more lenient and graded on a much higher scale. Studying for a degree in Sweden is much different than in the U.S. but a great experience.

The program I am a part of has a tuition fee set at 7,000 euro a year and it can be paid in steps and in some cases is tax-free. However tuition and fees are not the only costs associated with studying abroad in Sweden, there are always some other hidden costs. One of the many hidden costs is the inability to use some U.S. Government or private loans.
In this section, we will write about the top universities in Sweden, which offer higher education to international students.

It is a common misconception that there are no good universities in Sweden. In fact, there are a number of universities in Sweden that have received recognition for their high quality of education and world-class research.

Here are a few examples of universities in Sweden that have a high international student population:

University of Gothenburg

The University of Gothenburg offers a variety of courses in many different subject areas. To view a list of courses offered, please check Course Finder. Gothenburg is a city with a high quality of life and there are many districts to choose from. You can consider living in the center or close to one of the universities, both options offer a variety of student accommodation. For more information about apartments and other rental opportunities please click Rent an apartment.

Stockholm University

Would you like to study abroad in Sweden? Stockholm University is one of the most reputable schools in the country. If you are an international student or are used to learning a different language, you might be interested in enrolling at Stockholm University.

Stockholm University is the only Swedish university ranked in the top 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, according to Scimago Lab. It has been ranked 33rd for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences subjects.

KTH- Stockholm University is ranked 199th for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences subjects. This university offers over 20 academic programs and 12 study tracks that will let you combine aspects of different subjects.

Lund University

Lund University has many different programs; some of the programs are engineering, law, music, and social work. I’m currently studying Bioengineering and I really like it here. The engineering faculty is also multidisciplinary which means we study it from many different angles and study the connection between different fields.

Uppsala University for foreign students

Uppsala University is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in northern Europe. It was founded in 1477 by King Karl, and has the privilege of being the only Swedish University to have been granted this honour. Uppsala is also one of the most prestigious universities in Scandinavia and has produced many Nobel Prize winners, most notably Svante Arrhenius, for his discovery of the effect of acids on the pH-value.

The University is situated in central Sweden, about sixty kilometres north of Stockholm, and forty kilometres west of Stockholm Airport, Bromma. The campus is located by the shore of lake Mälaren, one of the longest lakes in Sweden.

Mälardalen University for foreign students

In Sweden, there are many opportunities for foreign students to study at universities. Of these, Mälardalen University is the perfect option for those who want to study in a beautiful country with a high quality of life.

Education at Mälardalen University is offered in the fields of economics, business, social sciences, and languages. The university offers a range of courses from short courses and bachelor's programs to doctoral programs and offers a diverse range of student living options on-campus.

The international office of Mälardalen University provides help and advice for students who are applying to come to the university.

Luleå University of Technology

Luleå University of Technology is Sweden's northernmost university, situated in the city of Luleå. Established in 1946, the university has four faculties with over 15,000 students and 2,400 staff.

Luleå University of Technology is a research-based institution, specializing in the natural sciences and engineering. It also offers specialized training courses in specialized fields such as forest and water management and offers courses in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the humanities. The university’s four faculties work together to create a coherent and rich environment.

Karlstad University

Karlstad University has a strong international perspective and is committed to diversity. Our campus has an international feel with students from all over the world. You can speak to students from over 100 countries, a study in English, be challenged academically, explore new cultures, experience rural living, and engage in special social activities.

Malmö University

Are you looking for a chance to study in Sweden? If so, Malmö University is the perfect place for you. Malmö University offers a variety of undergraduate programs in English with various degree levels. These programs are open for international students.

The social life at Malmö University is rich and very diverse. There are nine different student nations which include China, Greece, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Palestine, Poland, Sweden, and the United States. The student nations organize events in order to celebrate culture. Also, they have several clubs in which students can be involved.

Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

I just finished my Bachelor’s at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and I had an amazing experience. I loved my courses, met great professors, and had an amazing time abroad. I would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for an excellent international education with sports as an important part of their learning experience.

A lot of the professors were more than happy to help with anything I needed whether it be advice, extra study time, or just a friendly chat. Whether you are looking to major in sports science or just looking for some courses to fill some requirements, the degree from the Norwegian School of Sport Science will prepare you for anything.

Living in Sweden

One of the most popular destinations for students looking for a new way of life in Sweden. Sweden is a country in Scandinavia with a population of over 9 million. It has a rich cultural heritage and a long history as a social democracy. Sweden has a diverse geography with forests, lakes, mountains, and coastal areas. It is a land of forests and plenty of natural beauty. Sweden is also one of the world’s most prosperous economies. It has been ranked as the sixth wealthiest nation in the world.

There are a number of reasons to study in Sweden. For example, the Swedish government provides a range of incentives to study in Sweden, with particular emphasis on environmental and sustainable development studies. Teaching and research is excellent and world-leading in many fields. There are many universities and other institutions of learning in Sweden. The student population is often well-balanced and not dominated by one background. There is a good balance of males and females. The country is also well-connected to other parts of the world and European countries.    

Currency in Sweden

Being a foreigner is tough. One of the more difficult parts is the process of getting used to the currency. Few things prove more stressful than having to switch from dollars to kroner or pounds to Euros, and vice versa. For those who are new to the Swedish culture and environment, it is important to recognize and understand the currency and its nuances and how it may affect you and those around you.

Currency in Sweden

In general dollars, kroner, pounds, and Euros are all used but the most prevalent currency is Kroner. One krone will be divided as 100 öre.

Sweden uses the Swedish Krona as its currency. What does this mean? The Swedish Krona is the currency that is used for trade-in Sweden and is worth about 9.55 Norwegian kroner, as of this writing.


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