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The Ultimate Guide to Studying in Austria


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Austria is a culturally diverse, yet stable and safe European country that provides not only great educational experiences but also unforgettable memories, including a casual lifestyle and beautiful landscapes. Offering more than just beautiful landscapes and awesome coffee and pastries, Austria can be an excellent option for studying abroad. In fact, when you consider Austria’s “liberal foreign-student policy“ you have one of the most welcoming countries in Europe in which to study. Enjoy reading about Studying in Austria.

You can study almost anywhere in Austria and although it is best to be staying close to your exchange university or college in order to benefit from their support on an everyday basis, Austria still offers many opportunities wherever you choose to study.

The Top 10 Cities to Study Abroad in Austria

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, there are many universities in Europe which can give you an incredible experience. Take for instance the city of Vienna where you’ll find one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. You can also check out other great Austrian cities like Salzburg and Graz.

  • 1) Vienna
  • 2) Graz
  • 3) Salzburg
  • 4) Innsbruck
  • 5) Linz
  • 6) Klagenfurt
  • 7) Villach
  • 8) Wien
  • 9) Krems
  • 10) St. Pölten
Source: Britannica

On top of that Austria is a country which has many reasons to visit. You can make unforgettable outdoor adventures, go skiing, visit beautiful architecture and experience the rich culture of this place! So if you want to experience a thrilling cultural journey while also pursuing your academic dreams, here are some must-see impressive cities in Austria to study abroad!

The Best Universities in Austria for International Students

Ranking the best universities for international students in Austria is not as easy as it sounds. Austria has a lot of good universities to offer and a lot more that are still waiting for the world to notice them. When it comes to studying in Austria, you will most typically spend your time at either one of the eight public universities or one of the five Fachhochschulen (universities of applied sciences).

However, you should be aware that the selection process is highly competitive at both types of institutions. You must meet all national eligibility criteria in addition to satisfying any further required language skills and documentation set by individual institutions (e.g.. specific courses or scores on language exams).
  • 1) Vienna University of Technology
  • 2) Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • 3) University of Vienna
  • 4) University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
  • 5) University of Innsbruck
  • 6) University of Klagenfurt
  • 7) Johannes Kepler University Linz
  • 8) Graz University of Technology
  • 9) University of Salzburg
  • 10) Medical University of Graz

What to Know Before You Go to Austria for Studies

In choosing a country to study in, Austria makes the world a better place. Austrians are always friendly and outgoing.

1) Even before you step your foot in Austria, you’ll be able to feel the excitement and cheerfulness of the locals.

2) There are so many reasons for students to choose Austria. Here are some: Experience Cultural Diversity However, if you’re a student planning to study in Austria, except that it is not like any other European country. 

3) You’ll experience something else other than Italian, French, or Spanish food culture. As the country lies at the heart of Europe, it has all kinds of cultural diversity that will, not only fascinate but also surprise you.

4) Heritage Traveling is about discovering hidden gems,

How to Find a Study Abroad Program in Austria

I think most students can agree that the stress involved with studying is immense. Between planning your lectures, part-time job, social life, and constant deadlines, it seems like there’s never any time to relax. One way to get around this is to move abroad. This not only allows you to experience a different country but also a different way of life.

1) Choosing a Program

So, you have made up your mind and set your mind on studying in Austria. There are several things that you need to take into consideration when selecting a study program in Austria, especially if this will be the first time ever leaving your home country.

While there are many benefits to studying in another country, like expanding your horizons and opening new doors of opportunities, it is also important to be equipped with the right information before embarking on a journey that is bound to change the course of your life.

2) Choosing a City to Study in Austria

Many students choose Austria to pursue their college education, taking benefit of the country’s incredible educational facilities, museums, and galleries. Excellently ranked universities make it an obvious choice. Studying in Austria gives numerous opportunities for internships and active participation in student life.

The most popular cities for students are Vienna, Graz, Klagenfurt, Salzburg, and Linz. If you are choosing a city to study in Austria, here’s some useful advice from our experts on what you need to consider when making your final decision. Choosing the right city to study in Austria is a difficult task.

3) Choosing the Right Program

Choosing the right country, city, and course of study is a very important decision. Maybe you are looking for a Bachelor’s program in Austria or perhaps a Master’s degree? One of the best reasons to come to Austria for studying is that our universities are well-known all over the world and have excellent research tracks. The high-quality standards are reflected in the fact that Austria offers about 165 different internationally recognized qualification types in all fields of study.

Even if you’ve already done some previous education, you have to decide whether you want to pursue your bachelor’s or master’s studies here in Austria. Depending on your previous education, you can attend either a bachelor course or straight off to a master’s program. For

4) Doing the Research

Education is an ongoing process that has just one end goal: learning. The quality of education provided to you will have a direct impact on the quality of life you lead in the future. While getting education abroad offers great opportunities, it is never an easy decision to make. Learning a foreign language, meeting new people, and trying out a new culture are all exciting experiences, but it is not always clear as to whether or not they are worth the effort.

Here are 3 things to learn about before choosing an education program in Austria. Understanding the costs of your education abroad is vital to know whether or not you can afford your new life in Austria. While international students can often get scholarships, it is safer to plan for high tuition fees and living expenses so

4) Writing the Perfect Essay

In Austria, students of high school are introduced to the idea that, eventually, they will need a master’s degree so that they can choose the field of work they desire. High school students can also go to universities immediately after graduating from high school, and continue their studies with a bachelor’s degree.

However, only a few actually do that. Most high school graduates choose to attend the gymnasium or another college-preparatory school which not only provides further education but also enables them to study for 4 years at the university in order to obtain a university entrance diploma (Bachelor).

University entrance diplomas can be obtained through two types of diplomas:

1) University entrance diploma – for university studies in general;

2) Diploma for Medical Specialization – for medical studies in a specific field

The University entrance diploma can be obtained through two types of diplomas: University entrance diploma – for university studies in general; Diploma for Medical Specialization – for medical studies in a specific field.

5) Contacting the Exchange Organization in Austria

When you open a company in Austria, the main responsibility falls on you. This is why it is important for each and every entrepreneur to know the latest information about their working permits and visa regulations. This is especially true for those who are citizens of an EU member state or third-country nationals who have been granted a permit for working in Austria.

If your work visa has expired, you have to make sure that your employer will give you a new permit before the end of your visa’s validity period or your right to live in Austria will be revoked and you will be sent back home. So, if this has happened to you, Contacting the Exchange Organization in Austria would be the right thing to do.

6) Paying for Your Study Abroad Program

Austria is one of the most popular studies abroad destinations in Europe. Compared to many other European countries, Austria might seem safe due to its geographical location in the middle of Europe, meaning that it cannot be disturbed by suspicious war or economic events. It has no risk of unstable revolutions or other forms of public safety issues.

Safety plus a clean and pleasant environment are two important factors that draw many people to destinations such as Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, and Schladming. The universities there provide an array of American degree programs such as Journalism and Telecommunications to name just a couple.

Funding Your Study in Austria

Study in Austria Apart from government scholarships and grants for international students, Austrian universities offer a wide range of scholarships and funding options for international students. Students are usually required to fulfill one or a combination of the following requirements to attain such funding opportunities: In addition to fulfilling the general entry requirements, certain nationals are subject to specific conditions.

For example, applicants from the European Union countries can benefit from Erasmus regulations that allow them to study in another EU country without paying tuition fees. 

How to Apply to a University in Austria

Students who would like to study in Austria for a period of time should keep in mind the following aspects. The application process isn’t complicated and students don’t have to present any additional documents. In the visa application, the applicant needs to list out courses to apply, the dates of application, and periods of stay. These documents will be forwarded to the university requiring course details, certificates, and other documents supporting the same. According To the Austrian Visa Application Centre, there are quite a few different visa options available for international students who wish to pursue their studies in Austria.

Steps to apply for a study visa of Austria

Do You Want A Working Holiday or Student Visa to Austria? If you are between 18 and 30 years of age you may apply for a visa for studying or working in Austria. So if you want to travel and work in Austria, just complete the form below and one of our advisors will contact you.

Follow the process given below;

  • 1) Find an Austrian university
  • 2) Apply and pay for the program
  • 3) Obtain a passport
  • 4) Book an appointment at the Austrian embassy
  • 5) Complete the application form
  • 6) Attend the appointment
  • 7) Submit the application
  • 8) Procure necessary documents
  • 9) Attend an interview
  • 10) Await a decision

The Best Websites for Studying in Austria

If you want to study in Austria, then you need to know your options. It’s definitely a good idea to narrow down your choices before you start to put together all the details. You might already know the language, but it doesn’t hurt to verify everything else before you get there and are living in a country where you don’t even know how the bus system works!

1) Migration to Austria

2) Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) (PDF Guideline)

3) VIA Service

4) Austria | European Commission

5) Department of Education, Skills, and Employment

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