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Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland


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Does living and working abroad as a US-trained pharmacist sound like an exciting and challenging opportunity to you? What about the ability to save up to 90% of your income for savings, investments, or just enjoying the good life? If it does, then keep reading. You’ll need to know everything there is to know about the registration procedure in order to become a successful overseas pharmacist in Finland.

Anyone may work as a pharmacist in Finland, but only doctors and pharmacists with a license entitling them to carry out their duties can work as freelance pharmacists without supervision. A license entitling you to be a self-employed healthcare professional is required in order to apply for the registration and employment services of our organization. The qualification requirement of an overseas pharmacist registration in Finland is a valid pharmacy degree.

Overseas Pharmacist Registration and Accreditation in Finland

Overseas Pharmacists -are you looking to practice in the EU? A requirement for many is Overseas Pharmacist Registration, at Overseas-Pharmacist-Registration.com we have developed a simple process ensuring you gain Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland.

By and large, in order to run a pharmacy business in Finland, you need to be the holder of a Finnish pharmacy license. In the case of a limited company, this includes, at the very least, the director of the company. Where there is no (local) person who meets these requirements, a foreign person may apply for the position of pharmaceutical manager. This, along with medical doctors or nurses (who also need Finnish licensing and accreditation), is an example of how to get Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland. Please note that while Pharmacists are not required to have a separate pharmaceutical manager on board to start a business, they do need to be available and able to attend to all matters relating to pharmacy operation on a daily basis.

Overseas pharmacists are permitted to register their professional qualifications with the National Board of Health, in Finland for an unlimited period. Registration entitles you to exercise your profession as an accredited and authorized doctor of pharmacy within the limits set by the Finnish Legislation.

The process of registration

Registration is a formal process, which requires the overseas pharmacist to provide information such as their qualifications and evidence of experience. If the pharmacist has any criminal convictions, this will be disclosed to the GPhC. The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) checks for any criminal records and background checks and may proactively contact them to do so.

An overseas pharmacist cannot be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) unless they meet all the requirements and have completed a prescribed diploma course in Finland. An overseas pharmacist working in the UK is required to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and be accredited in order to practice.

What is the Cost of the registration process?

If you are thinking about studying pharmacy as well as registration in Finland, there are a number of steps that are mandatory to take. The application and registration within the country will involve the formation of various documents, appointments for conversations, and language examinations. Furthermore, to be able to perform the duties which are required of a pharmacist, you will have to study for five years full time.

In Finland, the registration of a foreign pharmacist takes approximately six months. The total costs to register will depend on a variety of factors such as the cost of translation, any coursework that needs to be completed, and the applicable registration fee.

What are the Entry Requirements for Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland?

If you are looking for Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland, then you must do thorough research before making any decision. It is your career and as a professional, you cannot afford to make any mistake with your life. The smart way to handle a such situation is to get an expert opinion on the qualification criteria of the country and its possibilities.

Overseas pharmacy graduates who are considering registration as pharmacists in Finland should carefully consider the terms of the Finnish Pharmacy Act.

Eligibility Criteria for registration in Finland as an overseas Pharmacist

  • You have graduated from a recognized overseas pharmacy program,
  • and have passed either the National Licensing Board Examination for Pharmacy or the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Examination (FPGEE).
  • You are getting ready to meet the criteria for registration in Finland as an overseas pharmacist.
  • Before applying for registration, an applicant is required to have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits in the first degree,
  • hich must include at least 30 ECTS credits in pharmacy-related subjects (pharmaceutical sciences and medicinal chemistry).
  • The general rule is that any course of study that was not taken in English will not be recognized as sufficient.
  • Also, courses shall be considered educationally equivalent to the Finnish language Master’s level on the basis of equivalences signed between NFER/ECTS and the corresponding national standards.

How does one apply for Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland?

If you are an overseas pharmacist looking to work in Finland, you’ve come to the right place! The process of getting Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland is a simple one, requiring between two and four months. You need to be aware that despite what you may have been told by others, there is no such thing as a fast-track option for Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland.

For the past years, the Finnish government has made it easier for foreign citizens to register and run a business in Finland by easing the process of registering overseas pharmacies. This is an opportunity for pharmacists, both international graduates, and IMGs, who would like to start a new chapter in their career, that is running and managing their own pharmacy in Finland. However, before you grab your suitcase, let’s find out if Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland is right for you.

Working as a Pharmacist in Finland

As a Pharmacist in Finland, you will work to ensure

  • That every patient gets the right medication and treatment at the best quality of healthcare.
  • The health care service is divided into different sectors such as social and health care, community services, private practices, and hospitals.
  • The pharmacies are part of the sector and they provide care with prescription drugs.
  • Some of the duties related to this profession include contacting the patients regularly on their medications,
  • providing education to patients and their families on staying healthy,
  • offering advice on responsibilities tied to medications,
  • deciding on the medical emergencies faced by a patient,
  • and ensuring prescription delivery for urgent treatment.

A foreigner wishing to practice pharmacy in Finland must be registered with the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health in Finland.

Registration requires that the applicant is qualified and competent to practice pharmacy, has the required education, and has a good knowledge of the working language. In addition to these general requirements, there are specific requirements regarding criminal record, qualification from a foreign professional organization, and other factors. The registration authorities consider each application on basis of its individual merits.

Salary of Overseas Pharmacist in Finland

According to the latest salary survey of Medix. fi, the overseas pharmacy nurses and pharmacists who are from Finland are better paid compared to their international counterparts by earning more than $30,800 a year.

The salaries of those that are from overseas vary from $36,042 to $43,749.

Thanks to the fact that Finland has a highly developed healthcare system, pharmaceutical companies and drugstores have always been looking for foreign pharmacists to increase their manpower. Since the rate of unemployment is so low in Finland in comparison to other countries and due to the high number of Finns who left to work at international companies, there is always a demand for new colleagues. All this has established a favorable environment for those who are looking for a pharmacy job overseas. The majority of applicants are from European countries, but also from Asia, Australia, and America.

Overseas Pharmacist jobs in Finland

Overseas Pharmacist Registration in Finland — through the Finnish Pharmacy Association (FPA) — is a service that provides registration and employment to qualified overseas pharmacists who want to work in Finland. With this registration, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health grants permission for employment as a doctor of pharmacy, which includes the right to exercise pharmacy in Finland.

Being placed at an overseas pharmacy in Finland, the country is a good place to work as a registered pharmacist.

 The pharmacies are fragmented into two types:

local pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. In Finland, there are strict regulations for both of the categories.


To become registered as a pharmacist in Finland, you have to use your homeland or country of residence’s license to apply. You may also be asked to present a diploma and the result of a language examination in Finnish, Swedish, English, or Swedish. Finally, you must complete specific modules that cover Finnish community pharmacy practice, drug abuse, and pharmacy-related operations and systems.


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