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Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland


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Looking to work and live in Finland as an overseas nurse?Want to know the best way to apply for Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland? Keep reading for complete details.

As a nurse from another country, you have a few options for registering in Finland. You can choose to either register for a residence permit as a health care professional or as a researcher. In both cases, you’ll need to be applying in your home country. If you’re not sure which one to choose, attend one of the workshops where you’ll get everything explained.

Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland

  • Nurse registration in Finland can be tough. The registration process involves a lot of steps such as
  • language testing,
  • skills examination, and
  • education validation. But if you have the right guidance, it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is to know what to expect and how to prepare for an overseas nurse license application in Finland. I will give you clear step-by-step instructions from beginning to end so that you can reduce your anxiety and stress level and increase your chances of getting jobs

The Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea (Finnish Medicines Agency) enables the registration of nurses and midwives who have obtained training in another EU or EEA country, thereby allowing these professionals to work in Finland.

What is Overseas Nurse Registration?

Overseas nurse registration is a way for foreign-trained nurses to obtain the right to work as professional nurses in the State of Finland. In this article, we will explore what overseas nurse registration is all about and how it can benefit you, the nurse.

Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland is a healthcare system to recruit nurses from overseas,

for the Finnish healthcare and social care sector. The system works through agreements between the Finnish Nursing Association and individual healthcare employers servicing both municipal and private healthcare. Overseas Nurse Registration aim is to secure a sufficient supply of qualified nurses for the future

Overseas nurse registration is a process of getting a license to practice nursing in Finland.

If you are not from Finland but would like to get a nursing job here, there is this additional step of registering yourself as an overseas nurse with the Finnish Department of Health. In order to register as an overseas nurse, you will need to meet eligibility criteria for an E1 visa published by the Finnish National Board of Education.

Benefits for Nurses

Working abroad as a nurse is exciting, and provides opportunities to learn other languages and cultures. Finland hospitals are quality and safe places for nurses to work. There are many opportunities for learning abroad, like in Finland. Nurses that have worked with overseas nurse registration in Finland have found all sorts of benefits from this job; whether it is salary or the amount of free time when working at a Finnish hospital

The nurses who want to go overseas to do their postgraduate studies and get their recognition in the field, Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland is one of the best choices. The registration process is not only fast and friendly but also has a wide variety of nursing courses. There are rewards for Nurses who are registered and registered nurses can expect opportunities including

  • Employment,
  • Recognized qualifications,
  • a high salary,
  • Training,
  • Promotion, and Career Development.

Eligibility Criteria for Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland?

One of the things that have impacted nurses abroad is the current demand for nurses in Finland. In fact, more than 100 nurses are currently employed with one hospital alone in Finland. That’s why it is important if you are looking to work as a nurse in Finland you should understand the eligibility criteria so you could be easily registered and work there.

Finland currently has a shortage of nurses in the country and is looking to encourage nurses from other countries to work in Finland. It is known that there are over 6,000 vacant nursing seats in the country because of people leaving to pursue other careers. There is also a large number of vacancies in hospitals, clinics, and private healthcare establishments all over the country.

Where do I go to register as an overseas nurse in Finland?

As an overseas applicant, you need to be registered with the Finnish Nursing Board (CNA) in order to work as a nurse. Overseas nurses must follow different regulations than those who apply for a Finnish nursing degree (magisterial). . Do note – registration does not guarantee employment, but it does allow you to start working as an overseas nurse anywhere in Finland.

The Finnish Nurse Register is maintained by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), part of the Finnish Police. Overseas Nurses who want to work in Finland should be registered with the Finnish Nurse Register after being employed by an employer in Finland.

  1. To be registered, you must meet certain criteria
  2. , including being on the Registry List and being eligible for a residence permit.
  3. The Finnish Nurse Register keeps track of all registered nurses and the qualifications they have acquired.
  4. The register also contains information about those nurses from other countries who are currently working or have worked in jobs covered by the Social Security Act

Important things for nurses to do in Finland

If you are a travel nurse coming to work in Finland, there are some things you will need to be ready for and to know before going.

  • If you’ve ever experienced winter, you might want to skip ahead. But honestly, Finnish winter is not that bad. That doesn’t mean that there are many things for nurses to prepare for. I
  • n this article, I will go over the important things and answer some of the frequently asked questions.
The Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland is not a complicated process, with online applications 

and self-service services offered by the Finnish Immigration Service. The registration is done by applying at the local Immigration Office in Finland with all required documents, which is the first step to follow before moving to Finland.

On arrival in Finland What Should do

The Overseas Nurse Registration in Finland is the first part of your integration into the Finnish healthcare system. You need to register as a nurse within three months of your arrival in Finland or you will be considered unregistered and you may lose your right to work.

To continue working in Finland as a nurse you must apply for a Finnish Registration certificate within six months of the date when you took up employment or started studying nursing. The certificate is valid for 12 months only and it will be renewed automatically if your application is received during its validity period.

Applying for a visa and residence permit

New nurses should apply for their visa and residence permit no more than four months before the planned date of arrival in Finland. The nurse should apply to the Finnish Embassy or Consul General in the country where they will reside before they go to work in Finland.

Nurses who are not citizens of an EU or EEA country or Switzerland need to apply for residence permit before coming to Finland. The residence permit is the first step towards getting a work permit. To apply for the residence and work permit, you need to fill in your application online and attach the required documents.

Working as a nurse in Finland

Many nurses from the Philippines and other countries are currently working in Finland. Although there are certain nursing jobs overseas that you should avoid, Finland usually scores high on the scale. Many nurses find it a much more attractive place to work than other destinations. It is therefore understandable that many Filipinos, who need to leave the country after getting their license as a nurse, consider applying for jobs in Finland. This article suggests tips that will help Filipinos get employed in Finnish nursing jobs.

Finland has a shortage of nurses in the country and overseas nurses who register with the Finnish Nursing Association will enjoy working in a different culture, good pay and job security.Nurses in Finland enjoy a high level of respect and great healthcare benefits. Finland’s nursing community is renowned for its dedication and pride in the service they provide. With three main hospital districts covering both urban and rural areas, a total of 20 000 nurses serve Finnish patients on one of the approximately 110 hospital units located throughout the country.


The registration process is pretty straight forward, with few additional steps for Overseas Nurses. If you are qualified and have an EU/EES passport, then you should be able to work in Finland without facing any problems.


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