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Masters Degree In Human Resources Online


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Are you concerned about your lack of a formal degree? Still, unsure if going to a brick-and-mortar school is right for you? If there are financial obstacles, an online Master’s degree in Human Resources might be the alternative educational experience that will give you everything you need to study and work toward your Master’s degree in Human Resources.

An online master’s degree in human resources can help elevate your career and increase your earning potential. Human resources degree programs are designed to help you sharpen your knowledge of the industry and add value to your current position or potential future employers.

What is a Human Resource Degree?

A master’s in human resource degree is a degree for working with human beings, rather than an animal or a machine. As such, it may seem that this would be a degree for anyone in any industry. Some of the most popular degrees are in business administration and organizational leadership. As with all BAs, there are many different specializations available within this degree program.

The Master’s Degree in Human Resources online is designed for professionals who are interested in advancing in their HR careers. Employers today seek applicants with a variety of skills and experience, including education that focuses on the human factor of business.

A Masters's degree can make you more marketable than ever before.

Why Do I Need a Human Resources Degree?

A master’s degree in human resource management can be a big boost to your career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the HR field will grow 9% between 2014 and 2024. This means that HR professionals with a master’s degree may be in high demand as these numbers continue to rise.

An MBA with an HR concentration is also a good choice for those who want to work in senior-level HR positions.

  • Managers often need to make decisions based on financial factors, so they can benefit from learning more about business finances.

Simply put, you need a human resources degree if you would like to create the best possible career for yourself in this field. A human resources degree can give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed, and it can show employers that you’re committed to your career.

What Can I Do With a Human Resources Degree?

Human resources managers can be found in every industry, as every business has a need for employees. The BLS notes that the personal care services industry is expected to grow the fastest over the next few years, which is great news for those seeking a human resources career in the beauty and fashion industries.

  • Human resources managers must have at least a bachelor’s degree, but many employers want someone with a master’s degree.
  • Salary is determined by experience, education level, and geographic location.
  • According to payroll data collected by PayScale, human resource managers earn an average of $64,900 per year.

How to Get a Masters in Human Resources Degree Online

There are several different ways that you can get a Masters’s degree in Human Resources online. You don’t have to worry about attending classes and trying to work at the same time. You can get your degree online so you don’t have to be in class all of the time. If you want to get a Masters’s degree in Human Resources, then you should explore your options and see which one is right for you.

Getting a Masters Degree In Human Resources Online

When you are looking at getting your degree online, there are a few things that you should consider.

  • First, you need to make sure that your degree is from an accredited university. This will ensure that employers know that the degree is legitimate.
  • Secondly, it is always important to make sure that the program meets your needs as an employee or employer.
  • You may just want to take some classes for professional development, or maybe you need to get your certificate for better employment opportunities.
  • No matter what your reason for getting a Masters’s degree in Human Resources, there are several different things that you need to consider.
The first thing that you need to consider when trying to find out how much it costs to get a master's degree in human resources is how long it will take for you to complete the program.

Can I get a Human Resources Degree Online?

When it comes to an HR degree, there are several choices. The most popular degrees are the

  • Master of Science in Human Resources and the
  • Master of Arts in Human Resource Management. These degrees cover many aspects of Human Resources, from staffing to training and development. If you’re looking for a more technical degree that focuses on leadership, consider getting a master’s degree in Labor Relations.

The first thing to consider is if you want to attend an online or traditional university. While this may seem like a no-brainer, there are other factors to take into consideration when deciding where to get your degree.

Traditional universities offer more flexibility than online schools but often come with steep tuition costs and set schedules that can be difficult to balance with work and family obligations.

Online programs, on the other hand, offer courses at your own pace and are often less expensive than traditional universities. Some online schools even allow students to transfer credits from other institutions, but these credits may not transfer if they were earned at another school that isn’t accredited by the U.S Department of Education (USDE). It’s important to check with your chosen online university before enrolling in any programs offered by them.

How Much Does a Human Resource Degree Cost?

The cost of earning a human resource degree online depends on factors such as the

  • Institution you attend,
  • The length of your program, and
  • Whether you attend full- or part-time.

For example, students pursuing an online Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Ashford University can expect to pay $370 per credit hour. The program consists of 120 credit hours, bringing total tuition costs to $44,400. Students can also opt to receive credit for work experience.

Students seeking an online Master of Arts in Human Resource Development from Villanova University should expect to pay $1,260 per course for a total cost of $15,084 for the 12-course program.

Tips to Pay for Your Online Masters in HR Degree

While a master’s degree in human resources is a valuable asset to have, many people avoid pursuing this career because they believe the cost of an advanced degree is too high. However, there are several ways to pay for your online master’s in HR degree, including scholarships and grants.

Scholarships and Grants

Most academic scholarships do not require repayment. Scholarships are usually merit-based, while grants are usually need-based. There are many scholarships available through the Society for Human Resource Management that are designed specifically for students pursuing a master’s degree in human resources. The SHRM offers several types of scholarships, and you can apply for more than one at a time.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Your current or future employer may be willing to pay for your online master’s in HR degree. Some employers will offer tuition assistance regardless of GPA; others require a certain GPA to qualify. This type of assistance may also be offered by professional organizations or industry associations.

Applying to a Human Resources Master’s Degree Program

To apply to a Human Resources Master’s Degree Program, you’ll need to have a baccalaureate degree in human resources or a closely related field. In addition, you’ll need to submit official transcripts showing your undergraduate grade point average. Often, you’ll also need to submit letters of reference, personal essays, and standardized test scores. Some programs may also require an interview.

Designing your Graduate Program

Your graduate program will be designed according to your professional goals and academic interests. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to take more courses in your major field than in other fields. You will also have the option of taking elective courses to further customize your degree.

  • The first step in designing your program is determining whether you have any prior credits and what type of transfer credit you may be eligible for. This can include previous graduate coursework, undergraduate coursework, or military experience.
  • If you are unsure about how these credits might apply, simply request a free evaluation.
  • The Graduate Admissions staff will assist you with this process.

Once we have determined which credits can be transferred into your online master’s degree program at the University of Phoenix, we can then begin designing your curriculum based on the class schedule of our online master’s degree programs.

Evaluating the Value of your HR Master’s Degree

Human resources management is a growing occupation and the number of companies looking to hire HR managers is always increasing. This makes this a great field of study to go into, especially if you have a passion for helping others. While it can be difficult to get started with a degree in HR, there are several ways that you can get your foot in the door. If you want to get into HR and make a difference, you need to find out what it takes to earn your master’s degree in human resources online.

It is not easy to get into the field of human resources. There are many different types of people who can do an HR job. You may be a single mother who is trying to provide for her family while working at home or even someone who has been laid off from their current position. The key is finding the right program that works for you.

If you have decided that you want to work in this area then you should definitely look into getting your Masters’s degree in human resources online. A lot of companies offer online programs and many of them will allow you to take courses from any location around the world. This means that you don’t have to worry about traveling back and forth from school every day or paying high fees for commuting costs.


For the right person, a Human Resource Master’s degree can be an incredible tool. However, if you’re looking merely to earn a credential, it may not be the best use of your time and resources. Human Resource professionals who are interested in obtaining a higher level of training will find much to love in this program, as will aspiring Human Resource professionals wanting to further their education. Whether through traditional coursework or an online format, this can be an extremely valuable addition to any professional resume. Though it may not be right for every student, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources is one that can take your career in exciting new directions.

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