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KAIST University Scholarship In South Korea 2023


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KAIST University Scholarship in South Korea is a highly competitive scholarship awarded to international students. It aims to help outstanding students from different countries to pursue PhD studies at KAIST, and provide them with new perspectives in science and technology. KAIST Scholars are sent all over the world to research on topics of their interest.

KAIST scholarship is a unique opportunity for international students to study at one of the leading universities in South Korea. KAIST University, located in Daejeon, has been recognized as one of the best institutions in its field worldwide. In particular, the school offers a variety of scholarships for international students who are interested in studying in South Korea.


KAIST University is located in Daejeon, South Korea. It was established on June 1, 1994 by the Ministry of Science and Technology with a mission to develop new knowledge and promote its application. The school offers undergraduate programs in engineering, humanities and social sciences, as well as graduate programs in science and engineering.It has more than 3,000 international students from more than 100 countries studying on its campuses in Daejeon (Korea), Ulsan (Korea) and Gwangju (South Korea). The student body is made up of both Korean nationals and international students.

The KAIST scholarship program provides financial assistance to outstanding undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a degree at KAIST after graduating with honors from an accredited university or college.

Details of KAIST Scholarship:

Host Country: South Korea

Host University: KAIST

Scholarship offered by: University Funded

Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded

Degree Offered By:Masters and PhD in all academic fields

Academic Fields and Majors

Subjects to study at KAIST University Scholarship In South Korea 2023

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Intensive English Language and Culture Courses
  4. Korean Language and Culture Courses (Korean is required as a minimum)
  5. Computer Science
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  8. Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
  9. Intensive English Language and Culture Courses
  10. Korean Language and Culture Courses (Korean is required as a minimum)

Benefits of Scholarship

The benefits of the scholarship are as follows:

  1. The candidates will get to acquire skills in the field of engineering and technology.
  2. The candidates will get to learn about new technologies that can be used for research purposes and development of new products.
  3. They will be able to use their knowledge and experience to help improve their country’s economy and society.
  4. The candidates will be able to explore the opportunities available in other countries and countries around the world, which may lead them to jobs with international companies or organizations after graduation or even further education.
  5. You will also be able to attend workshops where researchers talk about their work and how it relates to current research being done at KAIST University by professors personally chosen by the student themselves!
  6. Free tuition fee and housing allowance for international students.
  7. Free health insurance and transportation.
  8. A monthly stipend of 5,000 won per month.
  9. An opportunity to receive a scholarship to study abroad.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The applicant must be a Korean citizen and must have graduated from high school or university with at least one year of academic study in Korea.
  2. The applicant must have good academic performance, including the completion of relevant programs in the field of science, engineering or technology.
  3. The applicant should have a strong interest in pursuing the research activities at KAIST University Scholarship In South Korea 2023
  4. The applicant should have a good attitude toward work and can work independently in a team.
  5. The applicant must be able to work under strict deadline, or not exceed it by any means possible, including sacrificing his personal time (if necessary).

Documents Required:

  1. Korean high school diploma or GED certificate.
  2. Nationality Certificate (if your nationality is not Korean)
  3. A copy of your passport, visa, and/or other personal identification documents (e.g., birth certificate)
  4. A photocopy of your Korean university transcript showing the courses that you have taken and the grades that you received in those courses
  5. A photocopy of your resume or curriculum vitae, if you have one
  6. Two letters of recommendation from professors, alumni or employers who know you well
  7. Application form
  8. Transcripts (copies
  9. A copy of your passport and national identification card A copy of your current passport or foreign certificate of identity confirming your nationality and expiration date (if applicable)

How to apply:

1.Students can apply for the scholarship through the official website of the university, or they can also apply directly with the university’s administration office.

2.The students have to submit all required documents at least three weeks before they are due to be submitted in order to allow time for processing.

3.The applicants will be informed of their acceptance by email or by phone once all required documents have been processed and verified.

Last Date to apply:

The last date to apply for KAIST University Scholarship is 30 September 2022.

If you have questions about the application process or if you need assistance completing your application, please contact us at educationin.eu


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