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Higher Education in the Netherlands


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Higher Education in the Netherlands is an important necessity not only for one’s personal development but also for the country’s economic development. Utrecht University is a young, innovative, and engaged university that is close to the city of Utrecht and the international community. Building on its strong liberal arts tradition, it offers a wide range of undergraduate programs, doctoral programs, and master’s programs

Why study in the Netherlands?

Students enjoy an international environment with more than 50% of all students coming from abroad. You are an Erasmus student whether you are enrolled in one of our excellent traditional programs, or one of the school’s innovative collaborative or customized programs.

Courses offered in the Netherlands:

Higher education in the Netherlands is an important necessity not only for one’s personal development but also for the country’s economic development. One good example of higher education in the Netherlands is Utrecht University.

The Netherlands is a great way to get a quality education at a reduced cost. In this article, we'll be walking you through what it takes to study for a degree in the Netherlands, what the school systems are like, and what types of popular undergraduate programs are offered.  You might want to start off by looking at the costs associated with studying in the Netherlands before registering for any classes. Fortunately, with an incredibly high performance of international education programs, Dutch universities are often significantly cheaper than their American counterparts. This means that with the same tuition, Dutch universities can offer higher quality education to their students.

Undergraduate courses offered in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, officially known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is a sovereign state and a founding member of the European Union and the Benelux. It is a geographically low-lying country that is bordered by Belgium, Germany, and the North Sea.

There are many reasons for studying in the Netherlands, such as the country’s long history as a global power and its position as host of the European Union.

Below is a list of undergraduate courses offered in the Netherlands:

  • 1. International Studies – Taught in English
  • 2. European Studies – Taught in English
  • 3. European Economic and Financial Studies – Taught in English
  • 4. European Studies for Development- Taught in English

If you are interested in learning more about higher education in the Netherlands, be sure to visit our website’s Netherlands section.

Graduate courses offered in the Netherlands:

Studying abroad in the Netherlands is sure to be full of new educational experiences. You may want to brush up on your Dutch before you depart, but you will also want to make sure the course selection here includes the school of your choice.

Most students will want to take courses in Dutch. You can also take courses in English if you want to increase your skillset. There are many courses offered for students who want to get familiar with Dutch culture. The people here are known for their amazing architecture, natural beauty, and vibrant culture.
Students looking for courses in specific subjects should also study their course lists to make certain that they get the credits they need.

You'll find courses in subjects like business, art, literature. For example, one of the electives offered by Eastern Michigan University is "Business Communication." To graduate, students must earn 120 credits. They take 4 courses per semester (a total of 8 courses), which gives them a total of 10 courses each year. "Business Communication" fulfills 1 credit for these students. 

Masters Courses offered in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the international community is valued and those looking for higher education have been granted a plethora of options. These options range from classes offered at the University of Amsterdam to those offered at the multicultural International Business School. In order to be accepted into a Master’s Program, students need to have completed a Bachelor’s Degree which would typically end up being a 4-year program.

There are a variety of Master’s Programs to choose from which come with a range of different costs. For those looking for a more affordable option, classes can be taken through a university rather than a private institution. Universities, such as the University of Amsterdam offer courses in a variety of languages which include English, Dutch, French, and Spanish. There are also opportunities for students to plan their own curriculum. With the diversity of the international population in the Netherlands, this is a welcomed opportunity.

Higher education is available in the Netherlands for those looking for higher education opportunities. Degrees can be obtained through universities, private schools, or the University of Amsterdam. Regardless of the school, programs typically last three years.

Doctoral Programs in the Netherlands

Nowadays, a Doctoral degree is the most prestigious degree you can have. It’s said that a Doctoral degree can be considered as a substitute for a Nobel Prize. Before going for a Doctoral degree, it is essential to check which country you want to focus on your research as well as the type of research you want to specialize in as there are different types of Doctoral degrees in each country. In the Netherlands, broad-based research for a Doctoral degree is based on the aspects of life, natural sciences, and engineering sciences. The requirement to enroll for a Doctoral degree in the Netherlands is a Master’s degree in the same field as the Doctoral, a good publication record, and an excellent and relevant research proposal.

What is the requirement to enroll in a Doctoral degree?

There’s a requirement to enroll for a Doctoral degree in the Netherlands, the requirements are a master’s degree in the same field as the doctoral, a good publication record, and an excellent and relevant research proposal.

Scholarships for Higher Education in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small European country that’s also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The Dutch university sector is known for its quality and international reputation. Here you can find a blog post that shows popular scholarships for higher education in the Netherlands. Below is the list of all scholarships in the Netherlands and abroad.

There are numerous scholarships to pursue your higher education in the Netherlands and abroad. If you want to pursue higher education in countries outside of the Netherlands, there is no need to worry about the financial burden because scholarship opportunities are available for you. You can benefit from international scholarships such as AFS Travel Study, Columbia University, Fulbright, Study China, SAARC, or United Nations. The benefits of scholarships include;

1) There are many scholarships for international students
2) If you want to go to other countries for higher education, there are scholarships available.
3) You can apply for international scholarships

Experience in the Netherlands

Personal experience

What I love about the Netherlands is that they are very open to new ideas and creativity, and they’re always focused on the present. I am currently studying business at Maastricht University. I am taking Dutch for my major language requirement, which consists of six hours each week. I was able to learn how to read, write, and speak Dutch within six months, and it’s safe to say that I’m pretty fluent. If you’re reading this and considering studying abroad in the Netherlands, you need to do it!

University facilities in the Netherlands

The University facilities in the Netherlands are such a delight to visit. Though there are many attributes that make the experience such a memorable one but the things that stand out the most are the facilities. The things that make this place such a pleasant environment to study in the buildings, the gardens, and the forests- and are hard to beat.

The beautiful and magnificent buildings and grounds of the University of Groningen make it a perfect place for students and teachers alike. The buildings have been built in a style that is unique to Holland, with a facade that is highly distinctive. The University of Groningen has been one of the most respected universities in Europe since its 1772 founding.

Lovely life of Netherlands

I was very impressed with the Dutch’s dedication to bike lanes and bike paths. Unlike the US, Dutch people feel very safe riding their bikes, as it is a main mode of transportation. In Utrecht, there are many bike paths and lanes available, as well as a parking lot for bikes. Dutch people are friendly and generally enjoy meeting strangers. They are always willing to strike up a conversation anytime. Dutch people also have a very good sense of humor and a great work ethic.

Exchanging currency in the Netherlands

What do you do when you need to change money and the only option is to exchange it with your bank? That sounds like a complicated and time-consuming process, right? Switching money from one currency to another before using it is a process that millions of people take advantage of each year. But what if you don’t have a bank account and need that money right now?

Fortunately, if you’re living in or visiting the Netherlands and need to change money, you can also use a currency exchange provider. Unlike with a bank, switching money at a currency exchange provider only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require paperwork.

At a currency exchange provider like XE, you can change your home currency into euros or any other currency you like.

The best memory in the Netherlands

The last few days in Utrecht were really fun. The weather, the food, the people, the places, everything was great. I never thought I would have so much fun in two days. As an exchange student, hearing the Dutch language all the time was not only hard for me but I struggled to communicate with others. But, one thing I can say is that I really enjoyed hearing the Dutch language.

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