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Free Online Courses From Netherland Universities


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If you have a dream of studying abroad on scholarship, it might be worth giving free education courses from the Netherlands a try. Dutch universities offer a large range of free online courses for international students, who otherwise would never have the chance to go to college and study for free.

The Netherlands is a nation of knowledge that offers countless opportunities for students who want to develop their critical thought, broaden their horizons, or delve into their personal interests.

About 40 institutions offer education in English which means international students can enjoy the same rights and obligations in terms of admission requirements, tuition, etc. just as native Dutch students.

Online free courses from Netherland

The Netherlands is a good place to study, not only because it is an English-speaking country, but also because it has a myriad of universities, colleges, and schools that offer different types of courses for students. The Dutch universities are uniquely located in the English-speaking cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, making them a very attractive destination for students to pursue their studies.

The Netherlands has one of the most diverse educational systems in Europe. It offers several online courses including online business courses. There are many colleges and universities that also offer online courses from other countries as well as distance learning opportunities.

There are many benefits to taking online courses from Netherland universities.
  • First of all, you do not have to go through the process of getting a visa.
  • Many countries require foreigners to apply for visas before they can study abroad.
  • Some countries may even require you to take a language test before you can be allowed entrance into their country.
  • In order to study abroad in the Netherlands, all you need to do is register with a college or university, get your passport stamped, and then show up at an embassy in Amsterdam or Rotterdam for the visa interview.
  • Once you have been approved for a visa, you will be free to move around freely throughout the city while pursuing your studies at any time

The world’s best universities are increasingly offering their most popular courses online for free.

Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of 13 free courses from some of the top universities in the Netherlands.

Whether you want to brush up on your Dutch or delve into advanced engineering and management topics, there’s something here for everyone.

To take advantage of these free courses, all you have to do is register with Course.

  1. Introduction to Dutch
  2. How to Build a Startup: The Lean LaunchPad
  3. Introduction to Finance
  4. Introduction to Economics: How Do Prices Determine Supply and Demand?
  5. Understanding Research Methods
  6. Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  7. Entrepreneurship 2: Launching Your Start-Up
  8. Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship
  9. Ethics in International Business: Focus on China
  10. Introduction to Game Development (for Non-Programmers)
  11. Game Theory I: The Basics
  12. Introduction to Marketing

Top 10 Netherland Universities offering free online education

Netherlands Universities offer free online education through OpenCourseWare (OCW) project. Netherlands Universities are among the oldest universities in the world. OCW does not grant degrees but they make high-quality education materials from universities freely available on the Internet.

OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high-quality educational materials, organized as courses. The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of more than 200 higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the globe creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model.

The mission of the OpenCourseWare Consortium is to advance education and empower people worldwide through OpenCourseWare.

Netherlands open university courses are offered through the Open Universiteit Nederland (Open University of the Netherlands).

The Centre for Innovation at the Open Universiteit offers an Executive Master’s degree that focuses on innovation management and entrepreneurship. This program is aimed at corporate employees who want to advance their careers, or at entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create new products and services.

Leiden University

Leiden University is a public university founded in 1575 and located in Leiden, Netherlands. It is known for its historic foundations, emphasis on the social sciences, international character, and student-run societies.

The university has seven faculties and over 50 departments. It has more than 40 bachelor’s and master’s programs taught in English and the same number of dual degree programs. It counts as one of the best universities in continental Europe and is placed among the top 100 universities worldwide according to four major ranking tables. The 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked Leiden University as the 53rd best university worldwide and the 7th best university in Europe.

Leiden University offers free online courses and MOOCs in a variety of subjects. Browse upcoming classes and enroll now.

Leiden University has seven faculties:

  • Humanities,
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences,
  • Science,
  • Law,
  • Medicine and Dentistry,
  • Archaeology, and
  • International Institute for Asian Studies. It has more than 50 departments and enjoys an outstanding international reputation.

Leiden University’s free online courses are provided through Coursera, an online course provider. The university offers a wide range of courses on a variety of topics, including arts and humanities, law, medicine, and life sciences.

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1575. It caters to more than 23,000 students from all around the world.

Utrecht University

Utrecht University offers free online courses in a variety of subjects. This university has a wide range of free online courses, including seven available on Coursera, and two on iTunes U.

Coursera classes include:

  1. Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the statistics
  2. Managing Your Academic Career
  3. Introduction to Philosophy
  4. Introduction to Business Strategy
  5. The Netherlands and the European Union
  6. Legal English: Legal Writing, Reading and Speaking in Plain English (for non-native speakers)

iTunes U classes include:

  • Indonesian Language and Culture
  • Moroccan Arabic

Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research aims to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Within Wageningen University & Research, nine specialized research institutes from the Wageningen Research Foundation and Wageningen University have joined forces to help answer the most important questions in the domain of healthy food and the living environment.

With its roughly 30 locations, 6,500 employees, and 12,500 students, Wageningen University & Research is one of the leading organizations in its domain worldwide. An integrated approach to problems and the cooperation between various disciplines are at the heart of the unique approach of Wageningen. We have been named Best Employer in Education category 2018-2019.

Wageningen University offers a range of

  • English-taught Bachelor’s programs as well as
  • English-taught Master’s programs.
  • Bachelor’s programs are taught at Campus Wageningen for three years full-time (180 ECTS).
  • Some Master’s programs are taught for two years full-time (120 ECTS) while others are taught for one year full-time (60 ECTS).

Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud University Nijmegen is one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands. A place with a personal touch, where top-flight education and research take place on a beautiful green campus in modern buildings with state-of-art facilities. Radboud University has seven faculties and enrolls over 17,000 students in 100 study programs.

Radboud University is an internationally oriented university that strives for academic excellence. It wants to be among the best European research universities and ranks highly in international comparison. Radboud University is named after Saint Radboud, who was bishop of Utrecht and Frisia in the 10th century.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam (abbreviated as EUR) is a public university located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The university is named after Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus, a 15th-century humanist and theologian.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly ranked, international research university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our staff of 5,000 includes over 1,500 professors and lecturers and almost 3,500 support and management staff. They are all driven by a shared vision: to contribute to solving the major societal issues of our time through outstanding education and ground-breaking research.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a wide range of Bachelor’s programs that enjoy an excellent reputation both in the Netherlands and abroad.

We offer Bachelor’s programs in

  • Economics & Business;
  • History & Arts;
  • Law;
  • Medicine;
  • Nursing & Health Sciences;
  • Philosophy,
  • Politics & Economics (PPE);
  • Psychology;
  • Social Sciences;
  • Spatial Sciences, and Teacher Education. After completion of a Bachelor’s program at Erasmus University, Rotterdam students have the choice to pursue a Master’s degree at one of our graduate schools.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands. Founded in 1976, the university is the second youngest of the 13 Dutch universities.

In 2014, nearly 16,000 students studied at Maastricht University, 47% of whom were foreign students, with over 3,200 employees. About half of the bachelor’s programs are fully offered in English; the master’s and doctoral programs are in English.

Maastricht University is a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and holds the top position in numerous rankings as one of the best European universities. In 2016, Maastricht University was ranked 51-75th in Political Science by QS World University Rankings.

Maastricht University offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught mostly in English on subjects such as

  • law,
  • economics,
  • history, and
  • culture studies.
  • The Ph.D. program makes use of a mentorship system where Ph.D. candidates are assigned to a professor who acts as a mentor to guide and support them during their doctoral training

Delft University of Technology

Delft University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Delft) also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university, located in Delft, Netherlands. It counts as one of the best universities for engineering and technology worldwide, typically seen within the top 20. It is repeatedly considered the best university of technology in the Netherlands.

The Delft University of Technology is ranked among the top 100 universities in the world by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

 The university is known for its pioneering research and teaching in technology, science, and design.The university offers free online courses through DelftX on topics such as 
  • Data Science,
  • Smart Cities, and
  • Computer Science. Many of these courses are self-paced, allowing you to get started right away.

Tilburg University

Tilburg University is a public university specializing in the social and behavioral sciences, economics, law, business administration, and theology. It is located in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands.

The University currently has about 12,500 students and 3,900 staff (including about 1,100 academics), all of whom together contribute to the university’s distinctive style of approachable scholarship. Tilburg University offers both Dutch-and English-taught programs. In 2013, 39% of the university’s students were foreign nationals.

Tilburg University offers online courses through its OpenCourseWare initiative. Tilburg University is located in the Netherlands, and most of the courses are presented in Dutch.

The courses include

  • Business management,
  • Marketing,
  • Economics, and more. Some courses also offer free video lectures that students can watch online or download to their computers.


Online education is getting more and more popular, not only for students but also for companies. It allows to improve international collaboration, the best students worldwide can come to the Netherlands to study and talented Dutch students can go abroad for a Master degree. It’s not an easy path for the universities to make it all happen, so we decided to give an overview of the universities offering free online education


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