Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We have listed a number of frequently asked questions FAQs about Education in Europe. We highly recommend going through or simply searching on our website related to anything you have in mind. If any of the questions are there to be addressed, simply send us an email >

FAQs regarding staying in Europe:

Is there any education in Europe opportunities available?

Yes, we have listed multiple education-related opportunities which you can check here in our Education section.

Is there any official website for study or education in Europe?

Europe being the third-largest region in terms of population is a bundle of states. Please specify the name of the state you are looking for.

What do I need to pack before traveling to Europe?

Trust me, there is not a single country in whole Europe where you can trust the weather. So be ready for harsh weather. Remember to keep an umbrella with you, a raincoat if you use it, joggers and warm jackets especially in winters. Rest assured you have your travel passport, energy, and freshness to roam around everywhere.

What mistakes Europe doesn’t tolerate?

Littering anywhere in Europe is not only considered a moral crime but a serious offense legally. Don’t litter in Europe.

Is it very easy to leave studies and apply for asylum in Europe?

not recommended by education in europe
First things first, it is an immoral act to cheat anyone. Secondly, not all countries will entertain your asylum case in such cases. Last but not the least, there is a high probability that the country will detain you and kick you out forever.

What are the average hourly wages for students in Europe?

The average is €28.5/hour but Bulgaria has an average of under €7/hour and Denmark leading with around €46 in hourly wages. We highly recommend you check out this link for further details on average hourly wages in different European Countries > Europa

Is Europe a good region regarding gender equality?

Yes! most of the countries are very conscious when it comes to sensitivity regarding gender balance in hiring and education but some countries like Belarus rank the lowest in the Gender Equality index by the USA. Reference

FAQs about Education in Europe:

Which country or state is the best for Education in Europe?

Norway has the best education system in the whole world. We don’t prohibit you from applying to any other state but we’ll definitely recommend you explore. If you are interested in exploring different opportunities related to study in Europe you can use our website’s search box below or simply Google it.

What is the average tuition fee for an Undergraduate course in Europe?

The tuition fees vary according to disciplines but the most prevailing range is as follows;
EU Residents: €2,500€3,000 per academic year
Non-EU Residents: €9,000€9,500 per academic year

What if you want to take vocational training in the EU?

This is governed by Crafts Code in the EU states. According to their set of guidelines, it is not a preliminary/pre-requisite for any resident to have any kind of qualifications or certificates before applying for vocational training as such. This rule differs in some non-EU states (other states of Europe outside the EU27).

What are the certificates of qualification?

Again this is a very detailed discussion when it comes to certificates of qualification in Europe but we’ll cover it someday. If we specifically talk about the European Union, the certificate grading is as follows;
1- Secondary School-leaving Certificate
2- Intermediate or Higher Secondary School-leaving Certificate
3- Higher Education Entrance Qualification

What if my kids are older and they want a certificate?

The good news, they can still get their school-leaving certificates in night school. If you are interested in learning more please visit the official website here.

What is the cost of accommodation in the EU states for students?

Again this is a FAQ, the average cost of accommodation on campus is up to €3800, for private-hostel up to €550 and for shared accommodation or apartment it is €680 per month. You can still ask us for our input on any of the states by sending us an email at

How to secure scholarships for funding my education?

If you are interested in attaining a scholarship, the first thing we’ll recommend is working on your writing skills. Writing skills are the fundamental core of this business. Your proposal and letter of motivation need to be to the point and concisely summarizing. Other than this, you will need to improve your language skills (in the medium of course language) and then apply for the course. Hundreds of opportunities are available even now in the EU. You can simply click the link to learn more > Scholarship

Immigration to the Europe:

Immigration to the EU and Europe are both detailed topics. We’ve tried to cover most of the questions here anyways. If you don’t find the FAQ of your interest, simply write us an email at We will reply to you back with accurate and authentic information.

1- United Kingdom

Where to find information about UK Visa?

The UK is currently offering you opportunities to enter in following formats;
1- Family Visitor Visa
2- Spouse Settlement Visa
3- Business Visa (Tier-1)
4- Study Visa (Tier-4)
5- Investment Visa
If you are looking for further information related to United Kingdom Immigration. We highly recommend visiting the Home Office’s official website. You can find all related information here in regard to visa types, eligibility, documents checklist, visa fees, processing times, embassy/consulate location, visa process, and any possible information. Still not sure? Don’t worry we’ve got you on this. Talk to us.

2- European Union:

How to apply for a Schengen visa?

Before we furnish you with the details; you need to know if your state is a Schengen state or not. Only 26 states are there in Schengen Area which are outside the EU as well. Yes, we are right, please see the map below and see if you require the Schengen visa in the first place. education in europe schengen mapNow, if you really are looking for information on Schengen Area Visa, please simply visit the official website where you will find all relevant information about why, when, how, and what do you need to have to apply for a Schengen Area Visa in the desired category.

This amazing group of 27 states has mostly similar offerings for you when it comes to immigration. Furthermore; you can also check the official websites which we have very hardly gathered for you. We hope this is going to be of immense help to you.

2- States other than UK & Schengen Area:

This section details relevant information about applying for visas in states other than UK and Schengen Area States which are 23 in number. We have listed down all of the necessary links for your convenience below:

The official website for Albania Immigration Visa?

The official website for Andorra Immigration Visa?

The official website for Armenia Immigration Visa?

The official website for Azerbaijan Immigration Visa?

The official website for Belarus Immigration Visa?

The official website for Bosnia Immigration Visa?

The official website for Herzegovina Immigration Visa?

The official website for Croatia Immigration Visa?

The official website for Cyprus Immigration Visa?

The official website for Georgia Immigration Visa?

The official website for Ireland Immigration Visa?

The Official website for Kosovo Immigration Visa?,92

The Official website for North Macedonia Immigration Visa?

The Official website for Moldova Immigration Visa?

The Official website for Montenegro Immigration Visa?

The Official website for Romania Visa Immigration?

The Official website for Russia Visa Immigration?

The Official website for Serbia Visa Immigration?

The Official website for Ukraine Visa Immigration?

The Official website for Turkey Visa Immigration?

The Official website for Vatican Visa Immigration?