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DAAD German Academic Exchange Service New Deadlines 2022/23


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Established in the second decade of the 20th Century, Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst – DAAD German Academic Exchange Service is the biggest education-related cooperation institution based in Germany. DAAD is also one of the top academic support organizations globally when it comes to expenditure budget and sponsorship on educational programs. DW and the Institute of Applied Geoscience are two institutions covered by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service new deadlines 2022/23 intake.


The mission of DAAD scholarship is to accommodate scholars from all over the world to be able to sponsor their education in top-class institutions of Germany including DW and the Institute of Applied Geoscience. These two institutions are covered by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service new deadlines 2022/23 intake. This list includes majorly these education institutions as a whole;

  1. HTW – Master’s Programme in International and Development Economics
  2. University Göttingen – MA Development Economics
  3. University Leipzig – Small Enterprise Promotion and Training
  4. RU Bochum – Development Management
  5. U Bonn – Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security
  6. HS Rhein Waal – Sustainable Development Management
  7. TU Dresden – Hydro Science and Engineering, Textile & Rdaad german academic exchangeeady-made Clothing Technology
  8. U Flensburg – Energy & Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  9. U Hannover – Water Resources and Environmental Management
  10. U Oldenburg – Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy
  11. HfT Stuttgart – Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics
  12. U Stuttgart – Master’s Programme Infrastructure Planning
  13. BHU Weimar – Natural Hazards and Risks in Structural Engineering
  14. TU Kaiserslautern – PhD Programme Mathematics in Industry and Commerce
  15. TU Berlin – Urban Management
  16. TU Dortmund – Regional Development Planning and Management
  17. TU Dresden – Tropical Forestry
  18. HS Bonn-Rhein – International Media Studies

DAAD new deadlines

New deadlines have opened again the gates to the future for you. These deadlines extensions are an exception by the German Academic Exchange Service due to the ongoing situation of travel throughout the globe. Please be quick and prepare to apply for these opportunities. The applications are open for DAAD Germany. The courses are as follows;

1- International Media Studies

This Masters Program of Media Sciences is being offered from a panel of DAAD German Academic Exchange Service New Deadlines 2022/23. The duration of this course is 24 months in English as a language medium. The program is being offered in three different institutions.

What is the new deadline for DAAD Scholarship?

The new deadline for DAAD Scholarship in International Media studies is 31.03.2022.

Can I still apply for DAAD Scholarship 2022/23?

Yes, but hurry up! You’re getting late. The deadline for the international media studies MSc program is 31st of March, 2022.

The details of institutions are as follows;

1- HS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg

HSBRS or the University of Applied Sciences is on top when it comes to modern education programs in Europe. It is offering the course sponsored by DAAD German Academic Exchange Service in International Media Studies. Please find more useful information about the course on HSBRS Official Website.

2- DW Akademie

Again one of the best institutions when it comes to media studies. With a mission to fight for free media, free society, and free journalism, DW Akademie is contributing more to media studies than any other institution on the map. You can read more about it on DW Official Website.

3- U Bonn

The University of Bonn is a place where excellence can realize its potential. Established in the year 1818, U Bonn has been one of the leading education providers when it comes to success rates. The University of Bonn is also on the panel of DAAD to provide Academic Exchange Service to international students who aspired to come to Germany. For more information about this course or the university, please consider the University of Bonn Official Website.

2- MSc Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering

This 24 months MSC program is exclusively being taught in the English Language. The new deadline for DAAD Scholarship is 31st December 2021. Please make quick arrangements and don’t miss this opportunity. Only one campus is offering this program. For learning more about the campus please proceed to the following section. What is the new deadline for DAAD MSc in Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering?

The correct answer is 31st of December, 2021.

Which courses of DAAD are open?

Only two-course options at this period of time. 1- Tropical Hydrogeology & Environmental Engineering, 2- Masters in International Media Studies.

1- TU Darmstadt

Having multiple awards and titles, the Technische Universität located in Darmstadt city is renowned for establishing a chair of engineering in the electrical discipline. This institution was founded in the 9th decade of the 19th century and is the holder of multiple distinctions. To learn more about the institution. You are always welcome to read more on TU Dramstadt Official Website.

The Technische Universität Darmstadt, commonly known as TU Darmstadt, is a research university in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. It was founded in 1877 and received the right to award doctorates in 1899. In 1882, it was the first university in the world to set up a chair in electrical engineering

DAAD Scholarship Details:


Am I eligible to apply for DAAD Scholarship?

All graduates are welcome to apply who have two years of education experience. This eligibility applies to all graduates who have acquired their education from the approved-states list. You can check on the official website if you are eligible to apply or not. DAAD Official Page for Approved Countries.


Which levels are covered in DAAD Scholarship 2022?

Unluckily, only postgraduate levels are covered in 2022/23 intake. Only those applicants who wish to enroll in the Master’s Program Scholarship can apply for DAAD Scholarship in 2022. If you are interested in learning more about DAAD German Academic Exchange Service 2022/23, please visit the official website.


What is the duration of DAAD Scholarship 2022?

The duration of Scholarship funding depends on the course duration. However, the program covers from 1 year (12 months) to 3.5 years (42 months) programs.


What is the amount of DAAD Scholarship grant?

For graduate programs €860/month, for doctorate the allowance amount is up to €1,200/month. Other perks include healthcare, accidental insurance coverage, travel to and from home country, accommodation expenses, and expenses of dependants depending on their number.


What are the selection criteria for DAAD Germany Scholarship?

After the submission of a complete application within the due time period. The individual applicants holding a graduate degree and two years of relevant work experience are shortlisted on the basis of a letter of motivation submitted along with the application. Please do write the letter of motivation very carefully and concisely because your fate relies on it.

Detailed Info:

How to find information about DAAD Scholarship?

Though Education in Europe (Educationin.eu) has tried its level best to provide you with all authentic information related to DAAD German Academic Exchange Service New Deadlines 2022/23 if you are still interested in getting more information > Official Website.

Job Fundings

Very good news for you is that DAAD German Academic Exchange Service New Deadline 2022/23 is not only applicable to education opportunities but this program also offers job placements to scholars. These job placements are standardized by DAAD and every scholar gets the even opportunity regardless of gender, country of origin, scoring in education, and age.

Luckily, we can guide you on how to find the appropriate job in Germany opportunity secured for you. Just visit the official website of DAAD Job-Funding and you’ll find all of the relevant information on the page. You can also apply the filters like nature of job, location, duration, and perks. Euraxess Germany Official Website.

Jobs and fundings .

We have researched our level best to bring to you the exclusive information and knowledge on how to secure your position for DAAD German Academic Exchange Service New Deadline 2022/23. If you are interested in learning more about the course or have any query, simply write us an email at talk@educationin.eu or Contact us.


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