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Europe The top Region for Construction Workers


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We have just received a piece of very good news for those who aspire to come to Europe as Construction Workers/Labourers/Engineers. The latest research-based analytical report comes from an authentic internet-based giant about Europe and the Top States for Construction workers’ living. Ranking 6 of European States in the top 10 states for workers in this hard field is eye-catching news for those who intend to work in Europe as construction workers.

Who is Workwear Guru?

Workwear Guru is an internet giant renowned for its authentic and useful first-hand experience-based articles. The Workwear team comprising of four expert professionals of the industry includes Adam, Henry, Justin, and DeLonzo. They publish versatile information related to working professionals, their workwear, and personal experiences after huge experience in the field. They are also running your go-to platform for reviews on workwear and construction work-related feedbacks. Workwear Guru’s mostly content is on different products, firms, and buying guides.

Europe the Top Region for Construction Workers

In their latest article, Workwear Guru’s editorial team has announced the statistical results. These results are from their most speculated research regarding the conditions and life of construction workers. The conclusive and eye-opening results came out today as Europe’s six states appeared on the top-ten map. The states include Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark being in the top 10 and wait, there is more to share with you, the top 100 states include all of the states of Europe. Really amazing right?

We have compiled a detailed list for you to have a look at below;

1- Switzerland – Tops the World

Officially known as the Swiss Confederation this nation of 8.5 Million has inspired the globe by its standing in the research. This Central European Country comprises approximately 26% of the foreign national population. Famous in the whole world for its perfumery, swiss watches, and delicious chocolates Switzerland has just won millions of hearts. In spite of the fact that the country is one of the fastest-paced industrialized countries. We are sure if you have never been to Europe or living under a stone you know the answer to this question.

Europe The top Region for Construction Workers
What is Switzerland famous for?

Swiss Watches, Chocolates, and now for being the top state in the globe for construction workers’ living.

Did you know: The Incident Rate for construction workers in Switzerland is just 13% with annual salary being more than €70,157.  

2- United Kingdom – the Second best state for Construction Workers

This merger of four nations, i.e: England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales has stood second on the ranks with just an 8% incident rate and €51,258 salary per annum.

3- Belgium

This land of 30,689 km2 is on number 3 with a 12% incident rate and €47,329 salary per annum.

7- Luxembourg

This population of 63 Million secured rank 7 with an 11% incident rate and €36,026 salary per annum.

9- Netherlands

The beautiful Dutch state has acquired rank 9 with a 15% incident rate and €36,540 salary per annum

10- Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is in 10th position with a 20% incident rate and a €40,055 salary per year.

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