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Austria FREE tuition for international students


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As an international student, you have the right to, Austria free tuition. Studying free in Austria as an international student is advantageous as you don’t have to pay any tuition fees. But what you can do is that you can apply for scholarships and grants where there are certain grants and scholarships available for foreign students.

You just need to find the right information and resources to get started with your search for Grants and Scholarships in Austria. Applying for a scholarship or grant can free up your finances. When you have money saved, you save yourself from working part-time or full-time which will give you more time to focus on your studies.

Why choose Austria to study?

There are a few scholarships and grants available for foreign students in Austria. The most popular scholarships and grants available for Austrian students are the Scholarship for Science and Technology (SST) and the Scholarship for Youth (SJ).

Foreign students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants provided by the Austrian Government. You can find a few scholarships and grants available for foreign students in Austria as well below. The Scholarship for Science and Technology (SST) is provided by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science, and Research to undergraduate and graduate students for the duration of two years. The two-year research period is followed by a one-year teaching experience at an Austrian university. You need to be both talented academically as well as motivated towards a career in science or technology.

Are you thinking of studying in Austria free of cost? There are a number of reasons why choosing Austria as your study abroad destination is a smart option. Here are just a few to help you with your decision. The first is that Austria has world-class universities and an excellent education system, which has instructors who are some of the best in the world.

Thanks to its highly qualified faculty and a broad range of academic programs, Austria offers students a wide variety of choices for their university education. The second reason is that education in Austria is not only offered within well-known classes but also outside traditional school schedules.

The secondary education structure in Austria includes several forms of schools. By studying at private institutions, students can choose their curriculum based on the schedule they can pick from a number of options.
The importance and success of Austria as a leading country in Europe shouldn’t be underestimated.

The capital city is Vienna, and one can find numerous historical buildings, museums, art galleries, and architecture across the city. There are also many other places in Austria where you can find traces of its rich history, glorious past as well as stunning scenery. In your free time, you should simply stroll around this place to enjoy the atmosphere while taking in the surroundings wherever you go.

Austrians are known for being good workers, friendly, and kind to others who are not accustomed to the culture yet. After graduation, many Austrians take education abroad and then return home. Austria is generous in providing scholarships and funding to encourage students from all over the world to come study there.

It’s a country that attracts students from around the globe in terms of academic studies or higher education. The next best thing after graduation is finding a good Job for internships or for employment.

Study grants in Austria for international students

Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe with a population of over 8.7 million people. This beautiful country is the 8th-largest country by area in Europe, and it is set along the border between the Alps, Danube, and the Czech Republic, and it might be one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations for those who love nature and history.

Considering the current status of the world economy, there’s been an increased interest in pursuing postgraduate studies. There are several attractive and interesting programs initiated as well. The Austrian government has launched a number of attractive schemes and grants for students pursuing Level 7 and 8 Master’s degrees (MSC). The Ford Foundation-University of Graz Scholarship is awarded to students enrolled in Ph.D. courses. The funding agency provides a stipend to the selected candidates; it should be noted that they aren’t exclusive to Austrian residents alone. It’s one of the best study grants offered by Austria for international students; the scholars usually receive up to 5,000 euros per month for their study period.

Following is the list of top Austrian study grants and scholarships for international students;

One World Scholarship Programme (only for Higher Education Institutions in Salzburg and Tyrol)

Scholarship of TeLo GmbH for the MA program “Safety and Systems Engineering”

Scholarship of the Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria for Master Studies in the Field of International Relations

General Management MBA (TU Wien, Donau-Universität Krems): Scholarships for Women (Partial Scholarships)

Women Techmakers Scholars Program

IAEA Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Programme

Liese Prokop Scholarship for recognized refugees (ÖIF, Austrian Integration Fund)

Master’s Scholarships of Excellence for Students in Computer Science (Siemens Scholarships, TU Graz)

Museumsbund Partial Scholarship for Master’s Programme in Image Science at Danube University Krems

ÖGG Scholarship

AAI Graz Scholarship Programme (only for Higher Education Institutions in Styria)

ATCOLD ScholarshipCEU scholarships and tuition awards

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees

Scholarships of the Bishop Johann Weber Foundation for students studying a traditional degree (“Diplomstudium”) program, a master’s program, a doctoral program, or a course at a teacher training college or similar institution or specific training

How to get an Austrian student visa?

To study in another country, your knowledge of the language is expected to be on par with that of a native speaker. In the case of Austria, they have one of the most difficult language requirements of all non-English speaking countries – scoring an overall CEFR C1 level or a C1 level in every individual skill area.

It’s important to note that when considering immigration, one needs at least a B2 level of German proficiency. In summary, if you need your visa application to succeed you should enroll in a recognized and respected institute and take German classes for about 12 months. In this case, you can benefit from taking private German tuition here in Vienna where 1-hour costs €25 (VAT not included).

Scholarships University with no tuition fee in Austria

Scholarships university with no tuition fee in Austria “Austria is set to become the first country in the world to scrap tuition fees for students, in an experiment that the government says will boost the number of graduates and help redress an “inexcusable” gap between rich and poor. 

The education standards in Austria are quite high. There is a large number of students from different countries studying in Austria. There are plenty of post-graduate and foreign student programs in top-rated institutions for higher education. Here is the list of top-rated institutions for higher education in Austria.

Austria is often forgotten among the top vacation destinations in Europe. While some of its neighbors get most of the limelight, Austria has a lot more to offer. Although not always mentioned with the ‘must visit’ European nations, it’s definitely worth a visit at least once in your life. One of the country’s best-kept secrets is that it is home to a very high standard of education and one of the highest quality higher education institutions in Europe. So you can add visiting Austria to your itinerary if you are after an enriching experience while exploring a beautiful destination.

1) Vienna University – Austria Free Tuition

The West University of Vienna is an institute of higher education. It was founded in 2008, which means it is quite young, but despite that, the university is one of the most reputed institutions in the field of social sciences in Central Europe.

The reason for that success mostly lies in the fact that it has been ranked as highly by students as it has by academics like Times or Academic Ranking of World Universities. But what exactly is Vienna University and what is it known for? Vienna University has three main campuses spread around Vienna, as well as several smaller locations around Austria and abroad.

2) Graz University of Technology – Austria Free Tuition

In Austria, the Graz University of Technology is one of the best universities for students wishing to pursue Bachelors’s and Master’s degrees in Landschaftsarchitektur. Although not much is known about their courses to the wider European public, this small university offers some of the best landscape architecture courses in Europe.

With a strong educational background, graduates from the Graz University of Technology head straight into the job market with no problem at all. The Graz University of Technology was originally founded in 1595 as a technical college teaching mining skills and later incorporated all other engineering disciplines. Today, it is undoubtedly an upgrading and upmarket university that is expanding to new grounds with its roots set firmly in tradition.

3) University of Innsbruck – Austria Free Tuition

The leading information resource for prospective students is the International Student Guide, a free publication available in English, Spanish, French, and German. The International Student Guide offers all the information you should consider when making a decision on your higher education. It was created with the aim of providing independent, reliable, and trustworthy information to students looking to study abroad.

The University of Innsbruck has carried out international educational partnership programs with universities in South East Asia, Africa, North, and Latin America for more than 40 years ago. Under the umbrella of the ERASMUS program, the Cultural Studies Faculty also organizes many bilateral agreements with institutions from those regions.

4) Salzburg University – Austria Free Tuition

The University of Salzburg is a public research university in the city of Salzburg, Austria. The University, employees 1,242 people, including 652 academics and research staff, and has 12 faculties with a total of about 8,500 students and about 210 professors.

With over 200 international agreements, the University has established itself as an important scientific and cultural center in Europe. In addition to the main site in Salzburg city center (the Schloss campus), the University has several other teaching and research sites located throughout the city, such as the Dance Department in Perchtoldsdorf and the Institute for Fisheries Research in Fusch.

5) Technical University of Vienna – Austria Free Tuition

There are some options for you to study in Vienna. While out of all the possible options, one of the most important ones is the Technical University of Vienna followed by the University of Vienna. While the first one is dedicated to science, technology, and engineering; the second one is an international business school with English-taught degrees.

No matter which school you choose, tech and business studies will prepare you perfectly for an international career. The cost of living in Vienna is pretty low given the fact that it’s a capital city. If we compare it to London or New York; it’s a comfortable city with a peaceful atmosphere since there are no raw urban edges as well as nightlife here.

6) HTL Villach University – Austria Free Tuition

Whether you’re looking to secure your first step into the job market or simply seeking out a global career, #HTLVillach University of Applied Sciences is in an ideal position to provide the perfect environment to find your ideal role. Since 1994, HTL Villach has offered its students practical knowledge, prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s job market.

Having already found success in various fields, there are now over 2,300 graduates that have utilized their skills and developed into professionals from all over the world.

7) University of Klagenfurt – Austria Free Tuition

The University of Klagenfurt is a research university in Austria, which offers the students many options in the field of studies. The university is located in Klagenfurt, the state capital of Carinthia. It is famous for teaching music and art and also has a renowned concert hall, where it has its own symphony orchestra under the direction of Hans Graf.

The famous art nouveau originated from this place, which is why it got another name as “Vienna of the South”. Students can choose to study full-time or part-time and even apply for an ankle scholarship offered by the University of Klagenfurt!

Closing Remarks

If you want to study in Austria, take my advice and don’t bother with agencies that can only offer you information about studies in Austria. You can also talk to us at talk@educationin.eu or Contact us. Subscribing to our email newsletter is also a very good idea, FREE OF COST 🙂


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