Surgical Technician Salary in Texas

A surgical Technician job is such a stressful jobs that demanding physical appearance. As a surgical technician you have work for long hours like it demanding night shifts and weekends. Surgical tech job is just like to be a job of doctor but for this job you need a certificate or degree to appoint as a surgical technician. Surgical Technicians are healthcare professionals whose responsibility is to work in and around the operating room, prepare the patients, sterilize the medical equipments, and prepare everything that will help the doctors in surgeries.

We are writing this post for the interested candidates who want to earn in international countries. This post describes you a Surgical Technician Salary in Texas.

texas surgical tech salary per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

In Texas, a surgical tech earns best income in a year. To appoint as a surgical technologist, you have to first complete an accredited Surgical Technician Certificate (CST) or degree program. Such degree programs must be recognized from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. After passing the CST examination get a certificate and apply for the Surgical Technologist Job post.   

As per; lates research, it reported that a Surgical Tech average salary is $82,417 in a year in Texas. Hence, a surgical tech average salary for an hour is $35.22, $364 earns in a day, $1,508 per week, and 5,835 per month.

Top Highest Paying Companies in Texas for Surgical Technician Job:

As per report, we found that in Texas, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount for Surgical Technologist Job Post. These companies are paying best amount for per year and per hour. Hence, such highest paying companies are given below.

Companies NameAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
ATC Healthcare$137,295$58.67
Aya Hospital$128,697$55.00
Medical City Healthcare$122,650$52.42
Nomad Healthcare$116,533$49.80
Pulse Clinical Alliance Company$116,212$49.66
Emerald Health Services Company$109,569$46.83
Rock Medical Group Company$106,561$4.54
Stability Healthcare$106,087$45.34
Texas Health Resources Company$105,759$45.20
Cross Country Nurse$104,719$44.75

Top Highest Paying Cities for Surgical Technician Job Post in Texas:

We are mentioning here Top Cities that paying highest income to Surgical Tech in Texas. Per year and per hour amount for such cities is given below.

Highest Paying Cities NameAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
Dallas City$85,858$36.69
Austin City$85,347$36.47
Houston City$84,185$35.98
Plano City$83,805$35.82
Irving City$82,980$35.46
Fort Worth City$81,112$34.66
San Antonio City$80,097$34.23
El Paso City$73,281$31.32
Temple City$72,865$31.14

Salaries for Surgical Tech by Year of Experience in Texas:

By the research we also found the salaries amount for surgical technicians by Year of Experiences. But we can’t found salary data of fresh candidates, candidates having 6 to 9 years and more than 10 years of experience.

Year of ExperienceAnnual PayPer Hour Wages
1 to 2 Years Experience$77,678$33.19
3 to 5 Years Experience$86,333$36.89

The above report shows salary description from per hour to per year. As per research we have also mentioned the experienced employee salaries. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money as a Surgical Technologist in Texas.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for Surgical Technician in Texas because we scan millions of US jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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