Truck Driver Salary in New Jersey

Truck drivers make best income in international countries. At international level their work is highly respectable and costly. In US, a Truck Driver lives like a common person not as an ordinary person. A truck driver has duty to pick the stuff and drop it at right place. In US States, most of the truck drivers live there and make more money. In New York, Jersey, and White Plains Metropolitan area, there are almost 40,000 truck drivers live. The 2nd most Trucker resident area in US is Houston, Woodlands, and Sugar Land Metropolitan areas.

A truck Driver makes more money than his estimated monthly income through

  • Developing Experience
  • Starting more Technical Routes
  • Searching a Trustable Partners and Building a Team
  • Create his career as an Owner Operator of Truckers

truck driver salary new jersey per hour

In United States, there is high demand of truck drivers that’s why truckers make best amount in a year. It’s a profession where you earn like a middle class person without any college degree. Moreover, in US, mostly truck drivers who want to work as trainers can make more money of $100,000 than average per year salary.

At international level, if you want to doing a job as a Truck Driver then must fulfill such criteria.

  • You must have to drive within 1 State in 18 years old age or drive in multiple States in 21 years old.
  • Must contain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).
  • Must finish Road Training Program.
  • Clear a DOT Physical Test
  • Also clearing a Federally Mandated Drug Screening Program.

Here we are posting the salary data as per research on August 20, 2022. According to reported data, a Truck Driver average salary is $74,328 in a year in New Jersey. Hence, the average salary for an hour is $24.71 for a Truck Driver, for per day $282, per week $1,360, and for per month $5,263.

Salaries for Truck Driver by Year of Experience in New Jersey, US:

By the research we also found the salaries amount for Truckers in New Jersey by Year of Experiences. But the given report has not mentioned the salaries for 1 to 5 years of experienced truckers in New Jersey. The remaining salaries data by years of experience is given below.

Years of ExperienceAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
Less than 1 Year of Experience$69,791$23.20
1 to 2 Years Experience
3 to 5 Years Experience
6 to 9 Years Experience$79,359$26.38
Experience More Than of 10 Years$83927$27.90

Top Highest Paying Cities for Truck Driver Job in New Jersey:

We are mentioning here Top Cities that paying highest income to Truck Drivers in New Jersey. Per year and per hour salary data for such cities is given below.

City NamesAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
Jersey City$78,800$26.20
Newark City$77,355$25.72
Piscataway City$73,528$24.44
South Plainfield City$73,066$23.31
Elizabeth City$70,115$22.38
Kearny City$66,464$22.10
Burlington City$65,881$21.90
Vineland City$65,817$21.88
Pennsauken City$64,507$21.44

Top Highest Paying Companies in New Jersey for Truckers Job:

As per report of August 20, 2022, we found that in New Jersey, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount to Truckers. These companies are paying best amount for per year and per hour. Hence, such highest paying companies are given below.

Company NamesAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
XPO Logistics Company$134,933$44.86
Millis Transfer US Company$117,403$39.03
UPS Company$108,288$36.00
Hub Group of Company$106,256$34.33
10 Roads Express Company$103,254$34.17
National DCP$102,784$32.71
Central Transport Company$98,397$32.71
Smith Transport$98,379$32.65
Saia LTL Freight Company$98,202$32.15
Fed Ex Ground Company$97,266$31.90
Plastic Express Company$96,708$31.87
Inter Atlas Logistics US Company$96,468$31.75

Truckers Salary by Route Type in New Jersey:

The reported data has also shown the truckers salary by Route Type in New Jersey. As per data, we found that there are 3 types of truck drivers like

  1. OTR Drivers
  2. Regional Drivers
  3. Local Drivers
  4. OTR Drivers earns $0.44 to $0.70 per mile in US. New Jersey
  5. Regional Drivers make $0.43 to $0.55 per mile
  6. Local Drivers make $0.42 to $0.71 per mile

The above report shows salary description. As per research we have also mentioned the fresh and experienced employee salaries. This post has described the salary description by Route Type. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money as a Trucker in New Jersey.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for Truck Driver because we scan millions of US jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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