Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Canada

Pharmacy assistant job responsibility is to help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians order preparing and provide medicines to the customers. Pharmacy Assistants should be responsible and methodical who pay full attention on his work. Their duties perform under the licensed pharmacist to accurately count and collect all medicine stock from containers.

Pharmacist Assistants must be skillful to work on any pharmacy. They have

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Best Customer Services
  •  Manual Skills to Deal with Customers
  • Should have Patients to Calm in Hectic Situation
  • Must have an Ability to Work Excellently Under Pressure System
  • Must be Capable to Enjoy his Work without Stress

The purpose of writing this post is aware the interested candidates about salaries who want to earn in international countries. This post describes you a ‘Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Canada’.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary Canada pay & job

Pharmacy assistant job is such a good job because there are no hurdles. To become a pharmacy assistant in Canada, candidate must have high school diploma. There is no work experience required to work as a pharmacy assistant but it could be an advantage for you in case if you have not any pharmacy educational background. To work in a pharmacy involves in standing on feet for long hours, holding heavy medicine boxes, and effectively communicating with customers.

Pharmacy assistant salary in Canada Nationwide and also reported salaries for Canadian Provinces such as Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Canada;

As per research of August 25, 2022, in Canada, the average salary for a Pharmacy Assistant is $18.90 an hour. Moreover, a pharmacy assistant average salary becomes $50,539 per year, $3,578 per month, $925 per week, and $192 per day. The report shows that in such salary data 2.2k salaries are reported for a Pharmacy Assistant job in Canada.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Ontario;

August 25, 2022 report shows that in Ontario, the average salary for a Pharmacy Assistant is $17.46 an hour. So, there average salary for per year is $46,697, per month $3,306, per week $854, and per day $177. This salary data describes 1.1k salaries are reported in Ontario Salary Research.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in Alberta;

The report describes the average salary for a Pharmacy Assistant Job in Alberta is $18.32 an hour. The average salary for per year becomes $48,991, per month $3,469, per week $896, per day $186. The reported salaries for a Pharmacy Assistant in Alberta Province are 158.

Pharmacy Assistant Salary in British Columbia;

The average salary is $19.04 an hour in BC. So, by the report the average salary for a pharmacy assistant for per year is $50,917, per month 3,605, per week $932, and per day $193. 396 salaries are reported in BC for a PA job. We found that BC is top highest paying province in Canada.

Top Highest Paying Companies in Canada for Pharmacy Assistant Job:

As per report of August 23, 2022, we found that in Canada, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount for Pharmacy Assistants Job Post. These companies are paying best amount for per year and per hour. Hence, such highest paying companies are given below. As per city, we have also found ‘how much salaries reported in single city’.

Company NamesAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
Markham Stouffville Hospital$68,320$25.5411
IWK Health Centre$63,528$23.756
Nova Scotia Health Authority Company$63,438$23.72347
Island Health Company$63,115$23.6017
Horizon Health Network Company$58,355$21.7823
Victoria General Hospital$58,262$21.746
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Company$56,941$21.2972
St. Boniface Hospital Pharmacy$56,941$21.2913
Health Sciences Center Company$56,941$21.295
Churchill Health Center Company$56,941$21.297
Safeway Company$56,398$21.095
Saskatchewan Health Authority Pharmacy$55,729$20.8419

Top Highest Paying Cities for Pharmacy Assistant Job in Canada:

We are mentioning here Top Cities that paying highest salaries for Pharmacy Assistants in Canada. Per year and per hour salary data for such cities is given below. By such data you can easily find salary detail for per year to per hour before applying. This data is authentic and latest. As per city, we have also found ‘how much salaries reported in a single city’.

City NamesAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
Winnipeg City, MB$53,987$20.19117
Vancouver City, British Columbia$53,179$19.8860
Surrey City, BC$52,012$19.4541
Ottawa City, Ontario$50,696$18.9565
Victoria City, BC$50,111$18.7440
Edmonton City, AB$49,010$18.3261
Mississauga City, Ontario$47,682$17.8353
Toronto City, Ontario$46,473$17.38181


Similar Professions Salary in Canada:

Report has also shown some similar professions of Pharmacy Assistant in Canada. This data describes the similar professions average salary for an hour.

Similar Profession NamesPer Hour Wages
Pharmacy Specialist$40.52
Pharmacy Dispenser$34.10
Pharmacy Clerk$17.97
Pharmacy Technician$25.89
Pharmacy Assistant$18.90
Counter Assistant$16.29

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for Pharmacy Assistant Jobs 2022 because we scan millions of Canadian jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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