By this post you can get information about Software Engineer Job Details, Average Software Engineer Salary in California 2023, Average Salary for New Entry Employees, and Software Engineer Average Salary per year, per month, per week, and per hour. Average salary data information is available on this page, which you can check on single click.

Software Engineer Job Description & Working Hours:

A software engineer has a responsibility

  • To research, make product’s model, and write new software programs including computer games or any business apps.
  • Find the software user requirements
  • Create excising programs through analyzing and identifying areas for modification
  • Create terms of reference.
  • Write systems to manage job scheduling or to manage access to allow users or remote systems.
  • They use technical authors to write operational documentation
  • To maintain the systems by tracking down and fixing software defects.
  • Explore new technologies.

 On Average base, software engineers work for 8 – 9 hours a day or 40 – 45 hours a week. However, this can vary depending on many factors. Like in case of fresh software engineer, he/she has to work for 50 – 60 hours a week to launch the product fast.

Software Engineer Average Salary 2023 in California per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

As of research, 14th September, 2023 a software engineer average salary is $101,809 per year in California, US. They also get $5,000 per year as a cash bonus. So, the average salary for software engineer becomes $43.72 per hour, $7,208 per month.  This average salary data is 9% above then the national average.

Entry Level Average Software Engineer Salary 2023 California [Starting];

As of research report, Entry Level Software Engineer Average Salary in California is $79,854 per year that they make from $35.54 an hour. This salary data is collected by the past and present job postings on authentic websites.

Here we mention the average salary data for per hour to per year for Software Engineer in California.

Software Engineer Average Salary Data 2023 for California
Per Hour$35.54
Per Year$79,854
Per Month$5,654
Per Week$1,461

Maximum and Minimum Salary Data 2023 for Software Engineer in California:

The maximum salary is seeing as highest as $115,190 and the minimum of $38,728. Most Entry Level Software Engineers’ salaries currently range from $52,630 to $73,483 with the highest paid making $90,365 a year in California.

Top Highest Paying Cities in California for Entry Level Software Engineers 2023

Some of the US Cities near California are presented here that paying highest salaries to Software Engineer Employees. The salary data for Software Engineer per hour to per year in California cities is given below.

Highest Paying City NamesAverage Annual AmountPer Hour Wage
San Francisco, California$90,075$40.09
San Jose City$85,712$38.15
Lose Angeles City$80,826$35.98
Irvine City$80,201$35.70
Sacramento City$78,762$35.06
Long Beach City$76,246$33.94
Thousand Oaks City$76,143$33.89
Burbank City$75,872$33.77

Software Engineer Average Salary as Per California Top Companies:

Top Highest Paying California Companies are given here that pay highest annual amount to their employees. Top companies salary data list for Software Engineers in California per hour to per year is mentioned below.

Highest Paying California CompaniesAverage Annual AmountPer Hour Wage
eBay Company$150,119$66.82
Zachary Piper Solutions Company$123,266$54.87
Dynamic Animation Systems Inc. Company$104,881$46.68
Solute Company$103,945$46.27
Lockheed Martin Company$98,484$43.84
Boeing Company$93,401$41.57
General Dynamics Mission Systems Company$88,175$39.25
CGI Company$88,043$39.19

Similar Professions Salary Data 2023 California:

Some similar professions salary data 2023 is given on this page. Hopefully this post will be beneficial for you. This all salary data is authentic and valuable that collected from authentic website’s job postings. 

Profession NamesAverage Annual Amount
Junior Software Engineer Post$75,975
Principle Software Engineer$155,133
Senior Software Engineer Post$125,498

The above charts show Top Cities, Companies, and Similar Professions’ Salary Data for Average Software Engineer in California. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money in California, US as a Software Engineer.

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