This post describes the information about, “what is the Average Interventional Cardiology Salary in US? What are the lowest and highest cardiologist salaries in US? Average Earning of Interventional Cardiology per hour, per week, per month, and per year.” This post will help the audience in searching the salary data before applying the job post.

Interventional Cardiologist Job Description:

An Interventional Cardiology physician treats the patients who suffer with heart disease. They can perform minimally invasive surgeries such as inserting stents or unblocking arteries. They also correct irregular heartbeats and install pacemakers. In general, cardiologists work for long hours, with 40% of physicians spending more than 50 hours a week seeing patients and 11% spending more than 65 hours.

Average Interventional Cardiology Physician Salary per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

As per 2023, the report shows that the Average Interventional Cardiologist Annual Salary is approximately $295,845 per year. Such salary data collects from 9 data points that gather directly from cardiologists, users, and past and present job postings on authentic websites.

Interventional Cardiologist Average Salary Data
Per Year$295,845
Per Hour$142.23
Per Week$5,689
Per Month$24,653

Maximum and Minimum Salary Data for Cardiologists:

 A Cardiologist Highest Salary is seeing as highest as $400,000 and as lowest as $35,000 US Dollar.

Physician Interventional Cardiologist Salary Percentile:

As of research data, we have found the ‘Physician Interventional Cardiologist Salary by Percentile’. The cardiologist’s salary typically falls between $35,000 till $400,000 but the majority of them makes

25% Percentile for New Entries

Average salary range for new entries is $235,000

75% Percentile;

75% percentile Cardiologist typically earns $400,000

90% with Top Earners;

Top Earners makes above than $400,000 per year in all across the US.

The research presents that the average salary for an Interventional Cardiologist varies greatly (up to $165,000), suggesting that there can be many opportunities for promotions and salaries increases depending on skill level, location, and year of experiences.

How to Become Interventional Cardiologist in US?

To become an Interventional Cardiologist in US, candidate must have

  1. To complete his/her 4 years medical education
  2. Then 3 Years of Internal Medical Residency
  3. After then complete the 3 Years of Cardiology Fellowship
  4. Finally complete 1 Year of Interventional Cardiology Fellowship

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities in US for Interventional Physician Cardiologist Job 2023

As per research, we found the top 10 cities in US where Physician Interventional Cardiologist Salary is higher than the national average per year. In the list, Atkinson, NE, San Francisco, CA, and Bolinas are Top 3 cities that paying highest annual amount to the Cardiologists.

These 10 cities have higher average salaries than the national average, so the opportunities for economic growth career change as an interventional cardiologist seem extremely rewarding.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities Average Salary Data

City NameAverage Annual SalaryPer Hour Wages
Atkinson, Nebraska$366,282$176.10
San Francisco, California$350,406$168.46
Bolinas, CA$348,321$167.46
Marysville, Washington$338,652$162.81
Frankston, Texas$335,490$161.29
Ramble wood, Pennsylvania$334,680$160.90
Stone Ridge City, New York$332,438$159.83
San Jose, California$331,842$159.54
Belle, West Virginia$327,826$157.61
Kinderhook, New York$326,830$157.13

The above list shows that Atkinson, NE, San Francisco, CA and Bolinas, CA top 3 cities close with each other in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions. We have found, Bolinas, California outperforms the national average by $52,476 (17.7%), and Atkinson, Nebraska maintains the trend another $70,437 (23.8%) above the average of $295,845.

The another factor to consider is that the average wage for such 10 cities varies very little, at 11% between Atkinson, Nebraska, and Kinderhook, New York, adding to the limited potential for significant wage increases.

Top 5 Best Paying Job Categories Related Interventional Physician Cardiologist Job 2023 in United State:

As of research, we also found the Top 5 job categories related to the Interventional Physician Cardiologist in US. These 5 job categories are paying more in a year than an Interventional Cardiologist Average Salary. Top related jobs are

  • Interventional Pain Physician Job
  • General Cardiologist Job
  • Interventional Pain Management Physician Job Category
  • Cardiologist
  • Cardiologist Physician

Top 5 Job Categories Average Salary Data

Job Category TitleAverage Annual PayPer Hour Wages
Interventional Pain Physician Job$354,166$170.27
General Cardiologist Job$349,999$168.27
Interventional Pain Management Physician Job Category$331,142$159.20
Cardiologist Physician$310,060$149.07

Now, it clears that such job categories pay higher than the average Interventional Cardiologist salary of $295,845 US Dollar. These jobs typically pay between 4.8% ($14,215) and 19.7% ($58,321) that is more than Interventional Cardiologist average salary.

Hence, if you have a specialization in any of the above mentioned jobs then apply and make more money than Average Interventional Cardiologist Job Post in United State.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per week, per month, and per year for the Interventional Cardiology in US because we scan millions of American jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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