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A train driver has a responsibility to drive diesel or electric trains to transport passengers and goods at high speed. They must drive safely and follow the rules of starting and stopping trains. A train driver must have the knowledge about the travelling routes and know that how track conditions can affect the train operations.

Average Train Driver Salary in US per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

As per research, report shows that the Average Salary for a Train Driver is $23.95 per hour in US. In United States, train drivers usually get hourly wages and make best amount per year. This salary data is collected by the past and present job postings on authentic websites.

Here we mention the average salary data for per hour to per year.

Average Train Driver Salary Data in US.
Per Hour$23.95
Per Year$49,820
Per Month$4,151
Per Week$9,58

Maximum and Minimum Salary Data for Train Driver in US;

A Train Driver maximum average salary for per hour is seeing as $40.62 and as minimum as $8.89 in Nationwide United States.

Train Driver Salary Percentile Data:

As of research, we have searched that ‘A Train Driver Salary by Percentile’. A train driver hourly wages typically falls between $8.89 till $40.62 US Dollars but the majority of them hourly wages range base on

25% Percentile;

 25% of Beginners or new entries earns $18.03per hour in nationwide US

75% Percentile;

75% train drivers earns average hourly wages $28.85 all across the US

Research also presents, the average hourly wages for a train driver varies greatly (up to $10.82), suggesting that there can be many opportunities for a train driver for salaries increases depending on skill level, location, and year of experiences.

Essential Skills for a Train Driver:

  • A train driver must need to keep calm in Hectic Situation
  • Must be able for Sound Judgment
  • Provide Fast Reactions on Emergency
  • Must Follow the Rules and Regulations
  • Must have a Strong Stamina to Concentrate for Long Driving

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities in United States for Train Diver Job 2023

As per research, we found the top 10 cities in US where Train Driver Salary is higher than the national average. The given below list shows that Atkinson, NE,  San Jose, California, and Frankston, Texas cities are closely with Each other in the average salary data. The given 10 cities have higher average salaries than the national average, so the opportunities for economic growth career may change as a Train driver seems extremely rewarding.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities Average Salary Data
City NameAverage Annual SalaryPer Hour Wages
Atkinson, Nebraska$63,059$30.32
San Jose, California$59,963$28.83
Frankston, Texas$59,548$28.63
Jackson, West Virginia$59,299$28.51
Oakland, California$59,279$28.50
Diamond Ridge, AK$59,246$28.48
Seattle, WA$57,947$27.86
Barnstable Town, MA$57,712$27.75
Inverness, California$57,274$27.54
Norwalk, CT$57,152$27.48

Now it clears, Frankston, Texas outperforms the national average by $9,728 (19.5%), and Atkinson, NE continues the trend, with another $13,239 (26.6%) above the $49,280 average. Here another factor is, the average wage in such 10 cities varies vary little, at 9% between Atkinson, NE, and Norwalk, CT adding to the limited potential for significant wage increases.

Top 5 Best Paying Job Categories Related Train Driver Job 2023 United State:

By the research, we also found the Top 5 job categories related to the Train Driver in US. These 5 job categories are paying more in a year than A Train Driver Average Salary. Top related jobs are

  • CDL Team Driver
  • Train CDL
  • Swift CDL
  • CDL A Truck Driver
  • CDL Sin Experiencia
Top 5 Job Categories Average Salary Data
Job Category TitleAverage Annual PayPer Hour Wages
CDL Team Driver Job$91,835$44.15
Train CDL$66,037$31.75
Swift CDL$63,091$30.33
CDL A Truck Driver Job$62,503$30.05
CDL Sin Experiencia Job$61,103$29.38

The relevant job categories salary data clearly shows that these all pay more than the average train driver salary in US. It describes that all these job pay between 22.6% ($11,283) and 84.3% ($42,015) higher annual amount than a train driver annual average salary $49,820. Hence, if you are eligible for any of the above mentioned jobs then apply and make more money than Average Train Driver Job in United State.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per week, per month, and per year for a Train Driver in US because we scan millions of American jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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