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Graphic Designing Job Description in Pakistan:

These days Graphic Designing is the best career for you because this profession provides best income. This profession is most useful for those who are creative thinkers and also for those who enjoy the arts and technology. In this multimedia world, there are many opportunities for graphic designers in Pakistan.  Graphic Designers have many types including

  • Visual Identification
  • Marketing and Advertisement Graphic Designing
  • User Interface Graphic Designing (UI)
  • User Experience Graphic Designing (UX)
  • Publication
  • Packaging
  • Environmental
  • Art and Illustration

Graphic Designer Average Salary Data per Year, Per Month:

As of research data, it found a person who works as a Graphic Designer in Pakistan typically earns PKR Rs. 50,700 per month. This is the monthly average salary amount for a graphic designing.

Graphic Designing passion is one of the passions in which you can makes good amount after a year because this designation pays best per month.

This salary data is authentic because it collected by the past and present job postings on different websites. Here we mention the average salary data for per month to per year for a graphic designer.

Graphic Designing Average Salary Data 2023 in Pakistan
Per YearPKR Rs. 608,000
Per MonthPKR Rs.50,700

This average monthly pay for a Graphic Designer consists of many allowances such as housing, transport, and others. The research shows that such salaries typically base on candidate’s experience, skills, gender, or city area. This post will be helpful for you to search graphic designing salary amount in Pakistan.

Maximum and Minimum Salary Data for a Graphic Designer:

A Graphic Designer salary lies between PKR Rs. 23,000 till Rs. 80,600 per month in Pakistani companies. The maximum salary is seeing as well as Rs. 80,600 and the minimum as well as Rs. 23,000 per month.

Salary Comparison for Graphic Designing in Pakistan by Years of Experience:

As we know that employees salary depends on his/her experience. Hence, the more experienced person appoints on best pay. Here we describe the graphic designer salary data compare by the employee’s years of experience.

Average Salary Data 2023 for a Graphic Designer by Experienced Years in Pakistan
Experienced YearsIncrement PercentagePer Month Salary Data
0 to 2 Years of Experience PKR Rs. 26,500
2 to 5 Years34% morePKR Rs. 35,400
5 to 10 Years48% morePKR Rs. 52,300
10 to 15 Years22% morePKR Rs. 63,400
15 to 20 Years9% morePKR Rs. 69,400
20 plus Years8% morePKR Rs. 75,200

In the above chart, the salary increment percentage base on the previous salary value. Like a graphic designing with 0 to 2 years of experience earns Rs. 26,500 per month. While a person whose experience level is 2 to 5 years will get Rs. 35,400 in a month. It means he/she will receive 34% more pay than the fresh employee.

Salary Comparison for a Graphic Designer in Pakistan by Education:

Education is the most essential factor at the time of hiring on any post. If the candidate has best educational degree, appoints on best pay. Hence, this post clears the average salary data for a graphic designer by the educational level.

Average Salary Data 2023 for Graphic Designing by Educational Level in Pakistan
Educational LevelPercentageMonthly Payment
High School Candidates PKR Rs. 32,500
Certificated or Diploma18% morePKR Rs. 38,200
Bachelor’s Degree Holder45% morePKR Rs. 55,400
Masters Degree Holder31% morePKR Rs. 72,600

The above chart shows, the percentage values is increased on the base of previous salary value. Like if you have High School Education then the average salary becomes Rs. 32,500 per month while with a Certificate or Diploma you will receive Rs. 38,200 in a month. It means that with a Certificate or Diploma, an employee will get 18% more than High School Degree.

Graphic Designer Salary Comparison by Gender in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, we see that most of the companies pay fewer salaries to the females in comparison of male employees.

Average Salary Data for Graphic Designing 2023 in Pakistan by Gender
GenderPercentagePer Month Salary Data
Male Employee PKR Rs. 56,200
Female Employee20% DecrementPKR Rs. 45,200

Graphic Designers Average Annual Salary Increment Percentage in Pakistan:

Here you can check the annual salary increments for Graphic Designing in Pakistan like how much employee’s salary increases annually. The report shows a Graphic Designer salary in Pakistan approximately increases of around 10%, typically every 19 months. The national average annual increment rate is assigned 8% for all professions, typically every 19 months. 

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