Salary of 2nd Lieutenant in Pak Army

Pakistan Army is one of the best forces who serve its duties for the country peace and calm. Terrorists point out schools, colleges, restaurant, and other public places to harass the pubic but now the Pakistan Army has taken decision to resolve such problem by starting operations against the terrorists. Pak Army is the best army who faces any problem. That’s why they get suitable salary.

Salary of 2nd Lieutenant in Pak Army

Here we discuss, what is the starting salary of 2nd (Second) lieutenant, Pay scale, Allowances, in Pakistan army.

2nd Lieutenant Pay Scale:

The Pakistan Army 2nd Lieutenant Pay Scale: BPS-17

Second Lieutenant Basics Information:

  • Uniform Color: Khaki
  • Promotion Criteria: he promotes from 2nd Lieutenant to Captain
  • Rank Insignia: Single Metal Pip placed on his Uniform Shoulders
  • Discount Features:  they get 50% discounts on PIA Tickets and Pakistan Railways

2nd Lieutenant Job Description:

Most of the Pakistani youngsters are enthusiastic to join Pak Army as Second Lieutenant. Before applying such job post, you must aware about the 2nd Lieutenant Job description and responsibilities. 

  • 2nd Lieutenant appoints on 20 to 50 soldiers squad
  • 2 or more than 2 rifles groups works under 2nd Lieutenant that leads by the non commissioned officers in the battle field
  • They responsible to check the operations in police departments, control departmental cases, handle internal activities, and make sure the premises safety.

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Second Lieutenant Salary in Pakistan:

As of research data, it found that the Pakistan Army Second Lieutenant salary as minimum as PKR Rs. 45,070 and the maximum is PKR Rs. 113,270. They also get annual increment of Rs. 3,410 that is approved on 1st December every year in Pakistan.

Pak Army Officers salary is usually less in comparison of other officers. Like BPS-17 Grade Officer 2nd Lieutenant salary is Rs. 56,780 while an ASP Police with same rank gets Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 85,000.

Second Lieutenant Privileges:

2nd Lieutenant in Pak Army receives many other benefits along with his monthly pay. These benefits are

  • Car Facility
  • Medical Allowances
  • House Rent Allowances
  • Internal Security Allowances
  • 50% Discounts on PIA Tickets

2nd Lieutenant Eligibility Criteria:

The candidates who want to apply for 2nd lieutenant post most read this post.

  • Applicants must have Intermediate qualification with the Age Limit of 17 to 22 years
  • Applicants with Graduation Degree, Age Limit should be 17 to 23 years
  • Applicants with 4 years of Graduation, Age Limit should be 17 to 24 years
  • Soldiers who already serves in Pak Army, Age Limit should be 17 to 25 years at the time of applying for 2nd Lieutenant

Pakistan Army provides 3 months relaxation in upper or lower age.

Second Lieutenant Selection Process:

To appoint on second lieutenant post, candidate must have to pass the written and intelligence tests. After clearing the both written and intelligence tests, the candidate calls for the physical and medical tests for further process. Once you will clear all the tests then could appear in the interview.

Promotion Period of 2nd Lieutenant:

An Officer appoints on the 2nd Lieutenant post after 2 years of training period. At that time of training period his age is 19 years old. At the post of 2nd Lieutenant he works for 3 years then becomes a Captain. His age is 22 years when promotes to the post of Captain.

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