Spirit airlines flight attendant salary

In the United States, Spirit Airlines provide flights to almost 70 different destinations. According to number, nearly 500 flights are offered by Spirit Airlines in a day. Details about the salary of flight attendant for Spirit Airlines will be shared on this web pages. Per hour, per week per month and per year salary average details are given here.

How Much Does a Flight Attendant Make ? So You Want to Be a Flight Attendant

spirit airlines flight attendant salary

Average Per hour salary for flight attendant is $22 to maximum $33. Per month average salary is about $3,850. Per year the average salary for 40 hours per week is about $39,000 for those who are new in career and those who are experienced in their career having average salary of $61,000 per year. Those Spirit airline flight attendant having experience of five years, preferably, more than 5 years earn almost more than $30 per hour and when someone is having experience of more than 10 years then the expected salary per hour is $50.

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Salary of a starter flight attendant

Highest Level Annual salary range for Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant is $78,000 to $18,000 and lowest range is from $31,000 To $46,000. The salary range for entry level Spirit Airlines flight attendant is between $31,000 to $46,000. Salary range depends upon number of factors including:

• Experience
• Qualification
• Skills
• Certification
• Number of years in career

Spirit airlines also pay their flight attendants bonuses, commissions, tips and profit sharing. These additional forms of pay average around about $1,500 per year.

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