X-Ray Tech may also know as Radiologist Technicians whose responsibility is to help the doctors by diagnosing patient’s illness and injuries. They handle imaging equipments to take body images. By their work Technicians indirectly provide medical care to the patients that they need to heel. This job is a medical job, which is little bit tough but you can make huge money by this post in international countries.

To becoming an X-Ray Technician you will have to understand the human body and get knowledge of how to use X-Ray Equipments. “How to become an X-Ray Tech and what is their Average Salary in California, US” as per research both data is available on this page.

X-Ray Technicians Salary per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

X-Ray Tech education consists on 2 years program that is provided by the junior colleges and vocational schools. Most of the program first requires basic Math, Science, and Anatomy courses after then students will get some specific classes for X-Ray Technology and Machine Operatory. Mostly X-Ray Technician Programs before completing the graduation degree also add ‘Lab Practical work and Internship Duration’ to understand the students that what actually real work be like this.

In California, X-Ray Tech is checked by the ‘Public Health Department’ hence candidates who want to apply in California must go the school that approve by them. Candidates who interested to work as an X-Ray Technician must apply through ‘Public Health Department’s Radiologic Health Branch’ in order to become certified technician. This certificate program includes an application and examination. ‘The Application Fee is $75 while Exam Fee consists of $100 in California, US’.

X-Ray Tech Salary Data;

Now the X-Ray Tech Salary Data is presenting here. By the Research data August 27, 2022 the average salary for X-Ray Technicians in California is $32.12 an hour. Hence the average salary for per year is $73,486, for per month $5,203, per week $1,345, and per day $367. This average salary is 8% above than the National Average US.

The report shows that in such salary data 1.9k salaries are reported for an X-Ray Tech in California, US.

Salary Data by Year of Experience for X-Ray Tech in California, US:

The research data has presented the salaries amount by ‘The Year of Experiences in California for an X-Ray Tech’. But the given report has not mentioned the salaries for new entries and for 3 to 5 years of experienced employees in California. The remaining salaries data by years of experience is given below.

Year of ExperienceAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
Less than 1 Year of Experience
1 to 2 Years of Experience$67,654$29.57
3 to 5 Years
6 to 9 Years$79,877$34.91
More than 10 Years of Experience$87,749$38.35

Top 9 Highest Paying Cities in California, US for X-Ray Tech Job 2022:

We are mentioning here Top Cities that paying highest salaries in California for X-Ray Technicians 2022. Per year and per hour salary data for such cities is given below. By such data you can easily find salary detail for per year and per hour before applying. This data is authentic and latest. As per city, we have also found ‘how much salaries reported in a single city’.

California City NamesAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
San Joes California City$78,826$34.4544
Los Angeles, CA$74,368$32.50150
San Diego City$72,664$31.7662
Sacramento City$72,406$31.6446
Beverly Hills, CA$71,183$31.1123
Fair Field City, CA$68,864$30.108
Anaheim City, CA$67,588$29.5428
Bakersfield City, CA$67,575$29.5352
Fresno City, CA$67,220$29.3833

Highest Paying Companies for X-Ray Technician Job in California, US:

Through research data we have found that in California, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount for X-Ray tech Job Post. These companies are paying best amount for per year and per hour. Hence, such highest paying companies are given below. Report has also described ‘how much salaries reported in single city’.

California Company NamesAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
ATC Healthcare Company$166,241$72.6518
Host Healthcare Hospital $153,958$67.2957
Stability Healthcare Hospital$150,765$65.89142
Power Personnel Company$133,337$58.27199
Best Nest Management Company$126,879$55.4512
MWIDM Inc. Company$123,557$54.0010
Spring Board Healthcare Hospital$119,842$52.388

Similar Professions Salary in California, US:

Report has also shown some similar professions of X-Ray Technicians in California. This data describes the similar professions average salary for an hour.

Similar Profession NamesPer Hour Wages
CT Technologist in California$40.98
Technologist in California$32.76
MRI Technologist$42.31
Mammography Technologist$41.21

The above report shows salary description. This post has also described the reported salaries description as each city and company. X-Ray Tech job is more demanding occupation in US.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for X-Ray Tech 2022 because we scan millions of US jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.


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