Insurance Claim Adjuster Salary in California United States

Insurance Claim Adjuster typically responsible to collect the insurer claimer facts and reports then gives recommendations that claim is covered under the policy. Their responsibility is to deal with policy holder on insurance company behalf. Someone says claim adjuster job is such a critical jobs in the insurance industry because deal with people who faced some loss in their life not so easy. With effective communication skill you can easily deal with the people.

As per research data, it found that the adjuster job is highly rewarding and most satisfying job. The insurance claim adjusters are of 2 types like company insurance adjusters and independent insurance adjusters. Here we are providing the salary data for the claim adjuster as per research.

Insurance Claim Adjuster Salary per Hour, Per Day, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

Claim Adjuster such a creative job where you deal with people in their mood swings. In California, to become a claim adjuster you doesn’t get reciprocal license. However, if you want to adjust claims in California, US must follow the given below instructions.

  1. Firstly, candidate fulfill the California basic requirements to get claim adjuster license like must have 18 years of age with 2 years of insurance experience
  2. Then prepare yourself for the ‘State Exam for California Adjuster License’
  3. Submit your Finger Prints
  4. After then Register and Pass the State Exam for California Adjuster License
  5.  Submit your Application for Claim Adjuster License in California
  6. And get you California Adjuster License

Now the Claim Adjuster Salary data for California, US are presenting here. By the Research data August 27, 2022 the average salary for the adjuster in California is $65,479 per year. The average salary for insurance claim adjuster is $36.21 an hour, $374 per day, $1,198 per week, and $4,636 per month in California. This average salary is 8% Above than the National Average.

The report shows that in such salary data 200 salaries are reported for the adjuster in California, US.

Top Highest Paying Companies for Claim Adjusters Job in California, US:

As per report of latest, we found that in California, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount for Claim Adjuster Job Post. These companies are paying best amount for per year and per hour. Hence, such highest paying companies are given below. As per city, we have also found ‘how much salaries reported in single city’.

California Company NamesAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
North America Risk Services Company$103,945$57.495
Associated Adjusters Network Company$89,135$49.3011
Frontier Adjusters Company$84,418$46.695
The Best Claims Solutions Company$82,649$45.7123
Pilot Catastrophe Services Company$81,593$41.845
Argo Group of Companies$75,647$40.845
State Compensation Insurance Fund Company$73,810$40.8238
Citizens Property Insurance$73,681$40.755
Meta Sense Company$73,284$40.5313

Top Highest Paying Cities in California, US for Claim Adjusters:

We are mentioning here Top Cities that paying highest salaries in California for Claim Adjusters 2022. Per year and per hour salary data for such cities is given below. By such data you can easily find salary detail for per year to per hour before applying. This data is authentic and latest. As per city, we have also found ‘how much salaries reported in a single city’.

California City NamesAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour WagesReported Salaries
Los Angeles, California City$66,265$36.6520
San Diego, California City$64,747$35.8125
Sacramento City$64,517$35.6819
Calabasas City$62,575$34.6158
Long Beach City$62,504$34.577
Orange City$62,339$34.487
Santa Ana$61,061$33.7710
Bakersfield City$60,212$33.307
Brea, CA$58,674$32.455

Salary Data by Year of Experience for Insurance Claim Adjusters in California, US:

By the research we also found the salaries amount by ‘Year of Experiences in California for the Claim Adjusters’. But the given report has not mentioned the salaries for new entries and for 3 to 5 years of experienced Claim Adjusters in California. The remaining salaries data by years of experience is given below.

Year of ExperienceAverage Annual Pay AmountPer Hour Wages
Less than 1 Year of Experience 
1 to 2 Years of Experience$61,033$33.73
3 to 5 Years
6 to 9 Years$76,789$42.46
More than 10 Years of Experience$77,805$43.03

The report shows salary description. As per research we have also mentioned the experienced employee salary data in California, US. You can apply for such post if capable and make more money in US.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for the Claim Adjuster Job because we scan millions of US jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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