This post consists on average salary information for Full Stack Developer in Canada. You can get information related ‘Full Stack Developer Job Description, Average Salary, Entry Level Employee Salary Data, Experienced Employee Salary Data in Canada’. Average salary data information is available on this page, which you can check on single click.

Full Stack Developer Job description:

Full Stack Developers job responsibility is to design the user interactions on internet websites, develop website’s servers and databases and creating mobile platform’s coding. They also develop front end website structure. As per research, we have found “Information and Communication Technology Council of Canada (ICTC) presented that such job designation is the 4th most demandable job in Alberta, Canada.

Full Stack Developer Average Salary per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

As of research data, the average salary for Full Stack Developer in Canada is $85,000 annual that employees make from $43.59 an hour. This average salary is based on 1,427 salaries of Canada. This salary data is collected by the past and present job postings on authentic websites.

Here we mention the average salary data for per hour to per year for Full Stake Developer.

Average Salary Data For Full Stack Developer in Canada
Per Hour$43.59
Per Year$1,635
Per Month$7,083
Per Week$85,000

 Maximum and Minimum Salary Data for Full Stack Developer in Canada:

Here we present the salary data for Entry Level Employees and Experienced Full Stack Developer employees in Canada. The average annual salary is $85,000, starting salary for new entry up to $70,651, and the Experienced Employees make $120,647 in a year.

Full Stack Developer Average Salary as Per Canadian Cities:

Some of the Canadian Cities are presented here that paying highest salaries to the Full Stack Developer Employees. The salary data related Canadian Cities is given below.

Canadian City NamesAverage Annual Amount
Toronto, Ontario$94,194
Calgary, Alberta$93,700
Vancouver, British Columbia$92,774
Waterloo, Ontario$91,271
North York, Ontario$89,002
Montreal, Quebec$87,810
Ottawa, Ontario$86,767
Mississauga, Ontario$85,387

Full Stack Developer Average Salary as Per Canadian Top Companies:

Top Canadian Companies are given here that pay highest annual amount to their employees in Canada. Top companies salary data list for Full Stack Developer is given here.

Top Canadian Companies NameAverage Annual Amount
SI Systems Company$178,799
DISYS Company$173,114
TELUS International Company$168,026
TEEMA Company$154,457


Similar Professions Salary Data:

Some similar professions salary data is also given here for the audience. Hopefully this post will be beneficial for you. Such salary data is authentic and valuable that collected from authentic website’s job postings. 

Similar Profession NamesAverage Annual Amount
Full Stack Developer$85,000
Software Engineer Post$84,412
Developer Post$77,425
Front End Developer Post$85,605
Back End Developer Post$90,236
Web Developer Post$72,522
Application Developer$75,110

The above charts show Canadian Top Cities, Companies, and Full Stack Developer Similar Professions Average Annual Salary Data. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money as a full stack developer in Canada.

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