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Deputy Head Teacher is responsible school teaching job in which they have to focus on class teaching. They also check and manage the some other head teacher’s responsibilities in case of if class head teacher is absent. This is the best paying job in United Kingdom. In London, deputy head teachers are getting best salaries in a year. To become a Deputy Head Teacher, candidate must have to years of classrooms or school experience. Candidate must be able to present his/her leadership skill’s evidence in a school setting.

A person on such job post can make best income in a year. We are writing this post for the interested candidates who want to earn in international countries. This post describes you a ‘Deputy Head Teacher Salary in United Kingdom’.

Deputy Head Teacher Salary in London per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

Deputy Head Teacher appoints in schools to manage and control school’s disciplinary matters, like coordinate to school staff and also overseeing the examinations. A deputy head teacher must have a capability to use data management systems.

London, United Kingdom gives best salaries to a deputy head teacher in a year. As per August, 2022 research it reported that a Deputy Head Teacher average salary is 53,668 ponds in a year. So, now by calculating method, it’s simple to estimate that he/she earns 4,472 ponds per month while make 1,032 ponds per week, 206 ponds per day, and 27.52 ponds an hour. 

In London, newly fresh candidates who appoints as a Deputy Head Teacher average starting salary is 47,780 ponds in a year while in comparison of most experienced employees earns up to 69,005 ponds in a year.

Less Paying Cities in England for Deputy Head Teacher Job:

Here we are mention the less paying cities of England for such job post for the interested candidates just to take idea that London best for doing Deputy Head Teacher Job. As per reported data London is paying best salaries to the deputy head teacher in Europe.

England CityAverage Annual Salary in Ponds
London England53,709 – 58,501 ponds
Saint Ives City47,735 – 52,723 ponds
Liverpool City47,735 – 52,723 ponds
England Academies45,495 – 48901 ponds
Great Malvern City43,465 – 47,969 ponds
England Buckinghamshire Council39,724 – 41,659 ponds

The above report shows salary description from per hour to per year. As per research we have also mentioned the fresh and experienced employee salaries. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money as a Deputy Head Teacher Job Post in United Kingdom.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per month, and per year for Deputy Head Teacher in London because we scan millions of UK jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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