Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary in California

To appoint as Labor and Delivery Nurse Candidate must have Graduation affiliated from any Nursing Program. Candidate must have to report to Head of Department and also requires a Certificate of NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program.  Experience is not compulsory for such post but Certification / Licensing must require. In California, Labor and Delivery Nurses per Month Average Salary are higher.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Duty is to assist Doctor Physicians in examining patients, labor work and deliveries, operate and monitoring medical equipments, and keep correct patient’s record. The main responsibility of this job post is to observe patient’s health condition, keep patient’s record safe, and immediately update to attending physician when it needs. They provide medications and 4 solutions service when it required to the patients.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Salary in California per Hour, Per Month, Per Year

Here we provide salary description for Labor and Delivery Nurse Designation in California. We mention here salary as per hour, per week, per month, and per year.  According to the research of 27th July, 2022, in California, the Labor and Delivery Nurse Average Salary is $2,340 per week and their overtime for per year becomes $13,750. The Average Salary for per day becomes $736 and $71.16 for per hour.

Hence, Labor & Delivery Nurse Average Salary is $9,056 per month in California with $13,750 overtime in a year. And such post Average Salary for a year is $127,906.

Top Highest Paying Companies in California for Labor and Delivery Nurse Job:

As reported of July 27, 2022, we found that in California, there are some Top Companies that are paying highest amount for Labor and Delivery Nurse Post. These companies are paying best amount for per week.

Hence, such highest paying companies for Per Week are given below. Also provide Above National Average of such companies for Per Week Average Salary in California.

Top Highest Paying Companies NameAverage Salaries Per WeekAbove National Average
Genie Healthcare$4,23191%
GHR Travel Nursing Company$4,16788%
Bestica Company$3,91877%
Nomad Health$3,74269%
Cross Country Nurses$3,67366%
Stability Health Care Company$3,56561%

Top Highest Paying Cities for Labor and Delivery Nurses in California:

Here we mention Top Highest Paying Cities in California who’s Average Salary per Week is higher than other cities. Such cities and its average salaries are mentioned below.

City NamesAverage Salaries Per WeekAnnually Salaries Reported
Los Angeles$2,369288 Salaries  Reported
San Diego$2,312156
San Gabriel$2,0416

The above charts show the Labor and Delivery Nurse Average Salaries in California. So, if you are capable for such post then apply in suitable company and city and earn more.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year for Labor and Delivery Nurse in California because we scan millions of United State jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query. This data is latest and more accurate. Keep in touch to get latest updates about international job descriptions and salaries.

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