Air Traffic Controller Salary in Florida

Air traffic Controller has responsibility to control airborne operations to keep airports and airspace safe. Their duty is to check and direct an aircraft from air traffic control tower. As an air traffic controller, you must inform pilots about weather and paths of flight. To appoint as an Air Traffic Controller, you must have concentration skills, attention power, and ability to determine the direction of many flights.

A person on such job post can make best income in a year. We are writing this post for the interested candidates who want to earn in international countries. This post describes you an Air Traffic Controller Salary in Florida. How much does an air traffic controller make in florida Average per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year.

Air Traffic Controller Salary in Florida per Hour, Per Week, Per Month, Per Year:

An air traffic controller job required post secondary education or training. For such post, you have options like one is to work as an air traffic controller in military. After spending some years after then honorable discharge, candidate can appoint as an air traffic controller in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Other option for you is first complete your Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Aviation through Air Traffic Controller Academy (ATC).

In Florida, an Air Traffic Controller earns best amount per month also in per year. Here we are informing the average pay amount of such job post in Florida. As per research of 31 July, 2022, in the United States, an Air Traffic Controller’s average Annual Salary is $85,505 per year. While in Florida, their Average Annual Pay is $68,768 per year.

By this research, we can simply find that an Air Traffic Controller approximately earns $33.06 per hour, $1,322 per week, and $5,731 per month.

Air Traffic Controller Maximum, Minimum Salary in Florida:

In the research work, we got that in Florida, an Air Traffic Controller Salaries maximum as $145,992 and minimum as $17,885. The majority ranges of air traffic controller finds between 25% ($29,115) to 75% ($129,770) where Top Earners earn 90% ($141,832) per year.

Salaries for Air Traffic Controller may increases by based on skill level, job location, and experienced years. The average pay range for such job post varies as $100,655. Hence, we found that Florida ranks 43 out 50 United States for the job of Air Traffic Controller in nationwide.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities in Florida for Air Traffic Controller Jobs:

Here we are presenting top 10 cities of Florida that paying highest amount to an air traffic controller. In the top of the list, Miami Beach, Wellington is on 2nd, and Miami is on 3rd number. Miami average percentage is higher than Florida. This beats with 18.8% and Miami Beach has 23.0% above the $68,768.

Moreover, we describe the top 10 cities annual salary and hourly wages in the given below table. This table will help you to check the salaries data before applying in reasonable city of Florida.

Florida CityAnnual SalaryPer Hour Wage
Miami Beach$84,618$40.68
Wellington City$82,959$39.88
Miami City$81,715$39.29
Clearwater City$81,677$39.27
Plantation City$81,216$39.05
Panama City$80,470$38.69
Tampa City$80,421$38.66
Davie City$79,702$38.32
Jacksonville City$77,808$37.41
Sunrise City$77,677$37.34

The above chart shows top 10 Florida Cities that paying highest to their employee as Air Traffic Controller. So, if you are capable for such post then apply and make more money than that of Average Air Traffic Controller Job Post in United State.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per month, and per year for Air Traffic Controller in Florida because we scan millions of American jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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