United Parcel Service Driver Average Salary in US

United Parcel Service (UPS) provides logistics services that locate in America. UPS Company gives product shipping, tracking, brokerage, freight billing, and transportation services of goods. They offer their service in worldwide. UPS Driver job is physically more demanding job where you have to work on tractor trailer and lifting the heavy loaded items. To perform such duty employees must wear ear buds to prevent him. UPS Company provides growth opportunities in America so you can earn more money if you want to earn.

UPS Delivery Driver has to work for 5 days in a week for normal production while work for 6 days when production is on peak.

United Parcel Service Driver Average Salary in US per Hour, Per Year

United Parcel Service logistic Company is one of the largest delivery companies in the world, which makes round of $85 Billon of US Dollar revenue. In comparison of FedEx and DHL logistics, UPS pay highest salaries and benefits to its employees. With the pay, an employee receives paid vacations, overtime payment, health insurance, and best retirement plan. The company also gives medical allowance to its employee that extends to their families. Moreover, ‘The Teamsters Union’ is working on to make better pension plans for UPS Company Delivery Drivers.

United Parcel Service Driver Salary Data;

As per research, the report shows that the average salary for UPS Driver in US is $20.59 an hour. By using calculator we found that the average salary for per year becomes $77,088.

This average salary is 28% above than National Average.

UPS Delivery Driver Minimum Maximum Salary Data in US;

By the research data, found that the minimum salary for UPS Driver is $10.40 while maximum $31.70 an hour. The report shows that in such salary data 1,560 salaries are reported for UPS Driver in US.

Why UPS Doesn’t Pay Weekly Payment?

This post doesn’t describe the weekly average salary for UPS Drivers in US. Because the research shows that UPS Regular Employees don’t get weekly payment but a part time employee has an option to select his check weekly or after a month. A part time employee UPS will pay you competitive hourly rate as bonuses. The company also offers exclusive benefits to its employees by providing $1.67 increment per year on their efficient performance.

UPS Employees Common Benefits (Allowances):

UPS Company provides many benefits or allowances to its employees. You can make great money and enjoy more benefits at UPS. Such common benefits are described below.

Financial BenefitsInsurance BenefitsOther Benefits
Employee Discount on LogisticsHealthPaid Toll Fee Perk
Bonus on WeekDentalPaid Time Off
Bonus on Employee’s PerformanceVisionRetirement Plan Perk

Similar Professions Salary Data at UPS

Report has also shown some similar professions of Delivery Drivers Salary Data at UPS. This data describes the similar professions average salary for an hour. Moreover, report has declared ‘How many salaries are reported under single profession’.

Similar Profession at UPSAverage Per Hour WagesReported Salaries
Courier Service$9.705
Delivery Driver$20.591,560
Delivery Person Worker$19.695
Driver or Independent Contractor Worker$12.184
Driver Trainer$18.622
Driver Mate Worker$15.635
Driver Helper$17.261,032

The given charts show the “Similar Professions Average Salary Data and Employee Benefits at United Parcel Service (UPS)”. We also present the maximum and minimum salaries for UPS Driver in US. So, you must apply at UPS and earn more benefits.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per year for Delivery Driver at UPS because we scan millions of US jobs data for the public convenience. Hence, you can trust on this data without any query. This data is latest and more accurate. Keep in touch to get latest updates about international job descriptions and salaries.

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