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What is the salary of a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator In United States? What is the Job Description Of A Human Resources (HR) Coordinator? Earning of a Human Resource Coordinator per hour, per week, per month and per year? What are the highest and lowest salaries of a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator in US?

Job Description Of A Human Resources (HR) Coordinator qualifications requirements

The duties of Human Resources Coordinator includes those related to workplace safety, human resources programmes and activities, compensation, training and staffing. Staffing duties that are performed by Human Resources Coordinator are resumes review, applications review to make sure that the eligibility criteria is fulfilled and filling of vacancies.

Salary of HR coordinators in California US

An HR Coordinator in the United States earns $46,764 annually on average, $3,311 per month, $856 per week, $221 per day and $21.36 per hour. Range of salary of HR Coordinator depends upon the number of factors such as experience, education, number of years in career, Skills, Certifications

Highest And Lowest Salaries Of A HR Coordinator

Highest salary of a Human Resources Coordinator is seeing as US$25.88 / hour and lowest as US$15.54 / hour

Skills of a Human Resources (HR) Coordinator

A Human Resources (HR) Coordinator must have

  • Multitasking Skills
  • Excellent team work
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft office
  • Proven expertise as unit of time organiser
  • In-depth data of human resources operations and best practices
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and social skills
  • Organizational and time management skills
  • MA in Business Administration or similar relevant field
  • Any extra coaching and certification in Human Resource Management are going to be thought of a bonus

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