Dental Assistant Salary in Arkansas

Dental Assistant job is to assist Dentist for Dental Surgical and other procedures. They also arrange tools and equipments and prepare patients for surgeries. In America, Arkansas, Dental Assistant job vacancies are offered every year. Dental Assistant has responsibility to keep patient’s record safe and also update patient’s records. They also take and check patient’s X-Rays and report to a Dentist about problem. To stay in international country, they may have licensing facility. 

To become a Dental Assistant they must require 1 to 3 years of relevant experience or if 0 year of experience then require specialization or certification in such field.

How much does a Dental Assistant Salary in Arkansas

Dental Assistant is best paying job. To appoint as dental assistant in America must complete education from dental institutes, vocational schools, or technical institutions. Program that is dental assistant have to qualify must affiliated by the ADA (American Dental Association) or CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation). As per ADA, dental assistant program should be long for 9 to 11 months. In America, certification requirements may different according to each state.

As per research of 11th July, 2022, United State, Nationwide, Dental Assistant Average Salary per year is $38,181 while in Arkansas is $32,673.  So, in Arkansas, Dental Assistant earns approximately $15.71 per hour, which shows that their weekly pay becomes $628 and $2,723 per month.

According to research, in Arkansas, Dental Assistant’s high pay amount becomes $46,852 and as low becomes $21,834 per year. The majority of Dentist Assistant salaries show a range between $28,201 is 25th percent to $41,847 is 75th percent, while top raters of 90th percent earn $45,486per year.

By the research it showed that Dentist Assistant salaries may vary as $13,646 that base on skill level, state location, and candidate’s work experience. For Dental Assistant Salaries, Arkansas State ranking number is 37 out of 50 United States.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities in Arkansas, America for Dental Assistant Jobs:

As per research, we found that in Arkansas, there are 10 cities where Dental Assistant Salary is higher than average salary in a year. Jonesboro, Fort Smith, and Bentonville are 3 cities that are close to each other in paying highest amount. Bentonville city beats the State Arkansas average pay through 2.8%.

Moreover 10 highest paying cities Annual Pay Amount is given below.

City NameAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wage
Fort Smith$34,112$16.40
North Little Rock City$31,327$15.06
Hot Springs City$31,213$15.01
Little Rock City$31,205$15.00

Top 5 Best Paying Job Categories Related Dental Assistant in Arkansas:

Here we mention top 5 categories related to Dentist Assistant Job, which pay best amount in a year. The top most are Dentist Practice, Private Dentist Job, and Traveling Dentist Category.

These top categories earn in between (326.0 percent) $106,521 to (409.5%) $133,807 high than the Dental Assistant Average Annual Salary.

 Moreover Top Five highest paying categories Annual Pay Amount is given below.

Job Category TitleAnnual Pay AmountPer Hour Wage
Dentist Practice Job$166,480$80.04
Private Dentist Job$153,233$73.67
Travelling Dentist Job$149,645$71.94
Dental Director Post$139,768$67.20
Experienced Dentist$139,195$66.92

The above chart shows top Dental Assistant Job Categories. So, if you are capable for any post then apply and make more money than that of Average Dental Assistant Job Post in America.

Here we are posted the most accurate salaries per hour, per month, and per year for Dental Assistant job in Arkansas because we scan millions of American jobs data for the public convenience. So, you can trust on this data without any query.

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